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Clementoni Peppa Pig Soft Clemmy Bus Review


Reviewed by Michelle Alexander

This is an absolute must for any Peppa Pig fans that are out there. This fantastic bus included Peppa Pig and her cute little brother George as well as 8 soft and brightly coloured soft stacking blocks.

This was for my great nephew who loved it, he is a tad younger that the recommended age of 18 months but we naturally made sure we supervised him all the time. Then came along his big sister, she is 2 and absolutely loved it. We made up so many different stories whilst playing and they both had so much fun, especially with Peppa and George. My great Niece loved helping her little brother too.

I was so glad to learn that the soft blocks that come with this are made of non-toxic material, they are also very soft and what makes it even better, is that these are even washable. I soaked them along with the figures in warm water with very little washing up liquid and made sure they were thoroughly rinsed off. I found the best way to rinse them was to use a metal colander, that way the water would run away from the blocks as opposed to rinsing them in bowl of water which they would just sit in.

With so many functions about this toy, I found the blocks to be particularly great for my great nephew as they were easy for him to grip and perfectly brilliant for mouthing and helping him with his teething.

There is so much that can be made out of this brilliant multifunction toy. First and foremost, it is a car which comes with soft blocks along Peppa Pig and George. The lid on top lifts up and down which means Peppa Pig, George and all the blocks can be stored safely inside once finished with. The front of the car has a seating area where both Peppa Pig and George can sit, whilst the rest of the soft blocks are stored at the back.

I absolutely love the bright and bold colours, not only do they stand out but great from a child’s development perspective. I encouraged to learn the colours as we were playing, especially with my great niece. Here are some examples used that I would say:-

‘Ooooh, look at the green wheels moving forwards and backwards’
‘Can you lift the blue roof’
‘Can you close the blue roof’
‘Can you put the red block on top of the blue roof’
‘Show me George’
‘Show me the green block’

So much more was said and used within the activity of playing and telling stories. Perfect for sensory play too.

Suitable from 18 months plus.

This can be found and brought from many online shops. At the time of doing this review, I found Smyth Toys to be the cheapest at a great price for just £14.99



This product can be purchased from Smyths Toys here.

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