The Hair Fuel Review


Reviewed by Mrs Sandip Stapleton

I was lucky enough to have been chosen to try The Hair Fuel hair growth mask. I was gifted with a month supply which is equivalent to 4 masks to be used a week apart. Before I discuss the masks, what they do, how they worked I think I should tell you a it about my hair. I have fine, low density shoulder length hair which grows very slowly. By the time I go for a hair cut, which is every 8 – 10 weeks, the 1 inch trim pretty much is the amount my hair has grown. So I was very intrigued to try this hair mask which claim to promote and boost normal hair growth by applying an all natural, plant based, topical hair mask once a week.

On the website you can order a 3 month supply, a 6 month supply and a trial kit which has a month work of masks in it. I had the trial kit to try out. The kit also has a reusable applicator bottle, reusable shower cap, a tape measure, instructions and the 4 mask sachets.

The mask itself will take around 45-50 mins to prep, put on and leave in so the advice cards tell you to take some me time whilst you let the mask work.

It starts with adding warm water to the applicator bottle and the pouring in a sachet of powder and one of oil, and then mix it up. I found the mixture very thick so added a bit more water the next time I used it. Then you go to work adding it to your scalp, but not the lengths. The advice card suggests adding a nourishing oil to the ends as the scalp can be drying. I didn’t use oil but use a conditioning hair mask instead. Then popped the shower cap on and watched the tele. The mask was very sticky and thick to apply and therefore I struggled to apply it but I did manage it. I quite liked the smell too. It reminded me of brown sugar mixed with peppermint. The washing process was totally fine as you use your normal shampoo and conditioner. My main worry was loosing more hair in the shower but it was totally fine. I’ve only used 2 weeks worth of masks so it’s very hard to judge whether my hair growth is boosted but what I can say is that my scalp feels ‘fresher’ and I managed to go an extra day in between washes which in itself is good for me hair.

Because I haven’t used this for very long it’s hard to know if I would re-purchase, it my hair felt great, my scalp even better and it’s nice to take an hour to myself each week.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £35-40 per month

This product can be purchased from The Hair Fuel website here.

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