BundleBean GO Multi-Purpose Cover Review


Reviewed by Michelle Alexander

The BundleBean GO multi-purpose cover is an absolute revelation as it is a 5 in 1 awesome product and great for the following:-

1. Car seats
2. Bike Seats
3. Pushchairs
4. Picnics – Can be used a picnic rug or even a play mat
5. Sling/Carrier for up to 9 months of baby’s age
6. Footmuff

To use as a footmuff, it actually fits around and over the baby as opposed to placing baby into it like a sleeping bag.

This is so very easy to use as there are just two velcro straps where you loop the BundleBean GO over them as loops on a pushchair. Use them as clips on a buggy seat or even behind a car seat.

I love the fact that you can adjust the length using the zips, this can then comfortably and cozily fit over baby/toddlers legs.

I am in love with it. The sun might be out but the wind and chill is still very nipped so the fleece blanket is great for keeping baby/toddler warm. It keeps them snug too.

When using it as a sling/baby carrier, I also love the fact that there is a pocket section where you can place your hands into it. Not only did it keep my hands warm and cozy, I also had the added comfort and security of being able to hold baby underneath. I could then hold, comfort, rock and feel exceptionally close to her.

I have the gorgeously bright green colour which has beautiful pictures of a bird on it. I am very fond of cognitive development, so this will allow me to use this for play development. The green is bold as are the beaks and legs on the birds which are bright orange. There are different positions of the birds, some are face fronting, others are either to the left or ride side of the birds face, others have a picture with a worm in its mouth. The body of the bird is white with the wings black.

The BundleBean Go is very strong, sturdy and very well made.

The opposite side to the fleece is shell backed, making it water proof.

Whilst it is fleece lined, it is not heavy or bulky. It is lightweight without compromising style, comfort and warmth. It fits perfectly into its very own carry bag which also has a draw string on it, so, when you have finished using it, all you need to do is just roll it up, pop it into the bag, pull the drawstring on it and vouloir, it is then neatly packed away until you need to use it again.

It is made from 100% polyester and can be machined washed on warm at 40 degrees. It can be put on a short spin but can not be put in a tumble dryer or dry cleaned.

This did not come with instructions and got myself a little confused on how to use it, however I did find a very useful video with instructions that demonstrated how to use it. This was very useful and informative. Here is the link to it

Other than being used as a sling/carrier for up to 9 months, the other uses are from 0-4 years.

It is a very good price at £34.99 as it has multiple uses and so versatile. The one thing I would like to of seen is an hood to it. You can buy a fleece lined cover that comes with a hood but adding a hood to this multi-purpose cover would be a great addition to it.



This product can be purchased from the Bundlebean website here.

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