Baroo 5 Piece Counting Sheep Bedding Bale Review

BarooCountingSheepBeddingBale5 Piece Counting Sheep Bedding Bale

Reviewed by Kerri Chard

baroo is an online company specialising in award winning baby and toddler products. It has recently launched 5 new ranges and we were lucky enough to be sent the 5 piece bedding bale from the new Counting Sheep collection.

The bedding bale designed to fit cots and cot beds features the Counting Sheep design quilt and bumper set, plus a fitted sheet, fleece blanket and cushion. Boasting a unisex, silver and white design, this bedding set is the ideal choice for parents that have opted not to know the sex of their baby before it is born or simply for those that prefer, what I think is a more chic, neutral colour scheme for their nursery. Other more gender specific designs are available with soft colour palettes such as the pretty Sweet Pea collection, which is predominantly pink, or the contemporary Urban Fox collection which I think would be most suitable for a little boy’s room, but neither is overly pink or blue like most girls’ and boys’ bedding.

I love that in addition to the new collections offering unique alternative to high street products, baroo also offer mostly unisex designs. Trawling the main baby shops and websites I always found it a real struggle to find a bedding collection that really stood out, that could also offer colour / design that wasn’t blatantly targeted at one sex or the other. And the prices do not include the over inflated high street charge, so despite the baroo collections seeming ‘designer’ they actually cost the same or less than most high street brands which was a welcome surprise. The Counting Sheep bedding bale is just £64.99 – whereas a typical Winnie the Pooh set for example, costs in excess of £100!

The bedding bale arrived neatly packaged.  Unpacking the 5 individual pieces I was pleased to find everything to be so soft. Of course, you would expect this for baby bedding but even so it instantly made me want to hold it to my face and make the complimentary ‘mmmmm’ sound that softness usually evokes. I was particularly fond of the fleece blanket.

I was glad to see that washing wasn’t going to involve any fancy washing machine settings – busy parents will appreciate that a simple 40° wash does the job. It was also nice to see that the duvet suitably warns that it is not suitable for babies under 12 months old which may not have been considered by new parents otherwise.

The duvet is extremely comfortable, and the Counting Sheep design is beautiful and very elegant with simple sheep illustrations, numbers and a lovely silver border. Fitting the bumper set is easy peasy. A few ties around the cot bars secures the bumper snuggly in place. The sheet carries on the Counting Sheep design which is a nice touch as most bedding sets we have come across don’t offer such attention to details and instead usually include a dull plain white sheet. The cushion, also with the Counting Sheep design, completes the set to create a finished look.

If you are struggling to find a bedding set for your baby or toddler then the baroo collections are certainly worth a look. They offer unique design, quality materials with very appealing price tags. I was very glad to discover them and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to my friends and family.

In addition n to baby and toddler bedding, baroo also offers a range of hooded towels, burp clothes, and nursing/maternity pillows, all of which boast co-ordinating, unique (not on the high street) designs and are very good value. baroo also offers next day delivery on orders placed before 5pm and free delivery on all orders.

About baroo:
Established in 2004, baroo specialises in the design and production of award winning baby and toddler bedding and accessories. baroo gives parents everything they need to transform their little one’s bedroom with stunning, fun and imaginative nursery interiors and accompanying accessories.

Over the past decade baroo have taken a huge amount of pride in their design and production process which is why they have become a well-loved and trusted brand amongst children, parents and celebrities as well as snapping up some awards along the way.

With lots more wonderful designs in the pipeline and plans to expand on their existing collections, baroo is leading the way in exclusive, inspirational children’s interiors.

You can view the new collections on their newly launched website

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £64.99

Counting Sheep Bedding Bale is available to buy from baroo here.

4 half Star

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