Bakedin Mojito Cupcake Kit Review


Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

Trying to entertain my son during lockdown is tricky but fortunately baking is one of his favourite things to do so we were very pleased to be sent the Bakedin mojito cupcake kit to review.  The cupcake kit came beautifully packaged and would make a great gift. In a brown cardboard box covered with a bright green covered cardboard sleeve it looked very striking. The sleeve showed straight away what was in the kit, how many it made and what ingredients you needed to add. The design with a bottle of rum, cupcakes and limes intermingled was interesting and unusual.

The first thing I noticed when checking out the ingredients you needed was that you had to supply your own white rum, that meant disappointment for my son who wanted to make them there and then, instead we had to wait until I did the weekly shop. White rum is a little unusual so it would have been nice if the kit included a miniature as not everyone has it in their cupboards (we also didn’t have any limes to we had to get those too).

A few days later we had everything we needed and were ready to make the cakes, on opening the box we found cake mix, icing sugar, granulated sugar, green cupcake cases, plastic piping bag, green sprinkles and green and white paper straws. The cake was very easy to make, add the pre mixed dry ingredients from bag no 1 to our own eggs and butter, mix up to make the mixture nice and smooth. Then add the zest of two grated limes and 2bsp of lime juice, add equally to the cake cases and pop in the oven for 25 minutes.

After cooling we made the icing, my sons’ favourite bit, some with rum and some without so he could try them. Again, it was easy to do, we used the pre bagged ingredients and added lime juice and rum. We obviously added too much liquid as our icing was too runny to pipe so we just smoothed it on with a palette knife. We had friends round later and brought the cupcakes out for everyone to try, they looked really nice all green with the sprinkles and straw’s but we did get some feedback that they were overly sweet, I think it was the extra granulated sugar used with the rum mixture as icing is generally sweet anyway. They did have a lovely limey taste though that everyone liked. If I made them again I would make less than the 12 recommended and make larger cakes to reduce the sweetness of the icing and topping.

I found the Bakedin mojito cupcake kit to be very easy and quick to make with minimal clearing/washing up. £10.00 was more than I would pay for myself considering I had to buy rum and limes but I would happily buy for a gift, especially if I knew the person liked mojitos. The Bakedin kits also come in several other cocktail style cake kits such as lemon margherita & gin and tonic, so there is something for every taste if you are looking for a unique gift for a cake lover.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £10.00

This product can be purchased from Bakedin here.

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