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Written by Debbie Talbot

I am a forty plus second time around university student. This time round I am working part-time as well as studying part-time and I fit my studying in around busy family life as a mum of 3. I am therefore a massive fan of any items which make life easier and most importantly more organised. I was over the moon to be sent the following items to try out:

  • Sistema Microwave Easy Eggs
  • Sistema Easy Bacon
  • Getting Personal Personalised Wooden Pen Pot
  • Getting Personal Personalised Diary
  • Getting Personal Waterman Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen
  • Getting Personal Personalised Notebook: My Life
  • Tile Mate Pro 2

Kitchen Products

The kitchen is always a bit of a rushed affair so there was a big relieved grin on my face when I saw the 2 items which Sistema kindly sent me from their microwave range. The first item was Sistema Easy Eggs (RRP: £3.99). This clever little gadget cooks not only scrambled egg but poached egg or a mini omelette. Please see here for the cooking instructions for the various types of egg. 

The second Sistema item I received was Easy Bacon (RRP: £11.99). Cooking bacon has never been so easy. I can be a bit of a horror for skipping breakfast as I am not a massive lover of cereal. These products have really helped out.

Organising Your Study

Last year was a bit of a steep learning curve as it had been a number of years and 3 children since I last studied. This year I wanted to be organised as quickly as possible so when Getting Personal kindly offered me some products I was delighted. Here are items which I have found useful.

The first item I was sent was a Personalised Wooden Pen Pot with Geometric Initials (RRP: £12.99). This item is gorgeous and so well made, I can see it being on my desk for many years to come. Being able to organise my pens, pencils and highlighters and having them to hand during study has definitely increased my productivity.

The second item is one of my favourite possessions now. I received a Personalised Diary – Love Life Laughter (RRP: £12.99). This really resonated with me as isn’t that what life is about? It’s been an absolute godsend for noting important tasks and deadlines. It looks so beautiful too and being A5 sized is perfect by way of functionality but also not being too cumbersome to carry around. I am grateful that it is personalised with my name as I think otherwise I would lose it to my teenage daughter.

The third item I received was a Personalised Waterman Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen (RRP: £29.99). This is perfect for study and everyday use. I think that it would be perfect to take into a business meeting too. The engraving looks so stylish and the pen itself is sleek and comfortable to hold. I am hoping it will cut down on the number of single use pens I throw away. 

The last item I received was a Personalised Notebook – My Life (RRP: £7.49). I love the slogan on the notebook. It says, “Futile attempts at organising my life.” This item is just £7.49 and for the quality is amazing value. It wowed me.

Personalising my items was made so easy on the Getting Personal website. These items would make a lovely gift for anyone not studying too. They have brightened up my days and reorganised my life, which is no mean feat.

Struggling to find your possessions?

I am forever forgetting where I have put my phone or keys. I was therefore relieved and thrilled to receive a Tile Mate Pro 2 Pack (RRP: £49.99). Where has the Tile Mate been all my life? I love it. I can use one tile for my car keys and the second one for my house keys. The app is easy to download and you can use the Tile Mate to locate your phone or your keys. I think this would be such a useful item for any student or for that matter for anyone who tends to be prone to misplacing their items.

All of the items I was sent have helped me in my life as a student and have ensured that I can maximise family time with those I love. I would recommend them to others whether you are studying yourself or not.

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