INKD Copper Dog Personalised Scotch Whisky Review

Reviewed by Lucy Gwilliam 

We are not huge drinkers in our house, but my husband does like an occasional glass of whisky at the weekend. I usually buy him a nice bottle for Christmas, so was pleased to be chosen to review Copper Dog personalised whiskey.

I had liaised with the team at WGTD and requested that my husband have his name “Steven” on the front of the bottle. It was easy to request (you can input up to 25 characters on the website when ordering) and I was excited to see his reaction once it arrived. 

When the parcel arrived, we were very impressed by the packaging. I did wonder how they would manage to transport it safely to our door and have never seen packaging in this way before. We opened the recyclable cardboard box to find the whisky encased within an inflatable package. It looked great and was easily accessed by unplugging the stopper and letting out the air. It is a genius idea. 

Our item consisted of a 700ml bottle of Scotch Whisky and a stylish whisky flask in a copper design with a cork lid. My first impression of the gift was very high. It looked good quality and having that personal touch of my husband’s name was the icing on the cake. 

The whisky name is based on the history of distillery workers. They would help themselves to a dram using a ‘copper dog’; a pipe hidden inside the leg of their trousers. This inspired a unique blend of eight single malt whiskies, which we’re slowly blended together in old oak casks. The smooth scotch with ripe fruit aromas and delicate spicy finish with a hint of honey. 

Features & details

  • A combination of eight single malt whisky
  • Subtle, distant spices help carry the fruit and vanilla characters
  • Chocolate digestives, nutty malt orange peels and soft simmering spices
  • Baked goods and honey-covered fruit
  • Peach, pear and dried apple

When my husband came to try to whisky, he enjoyed the flavours and explained that it was a really nice blend. He adds a touch of water to his drink but he explained that he thought it would be nice for me to try in cocktails as there is so much flavour behind the drink. 

One of the cocktails I decided to try was an Apple Dog, I found this recipe online and I really enjoyed it. The recipe is:

  • 50ml Copper Dog whisky
  • 1 Granny Smith apple
  • Freshly juice one Granny Smith apple and combine with a measure of Copper Dog whisky. Add plenty of ice and stir.

The whisky flask was a really nice touch (not supplied with purchase of whisky). My husband does not currently have one and having a cork lid in addition to the copper outer, gives it a real sense of authenticity. He will use it when we go away abroad next month. 

Overall, my husband was very impressed with his whisky, it would make a good Christmas gift, especially with the personalisation. He explained that it was a really good value bottle and you would pay so much more for anything of equal quality. He loved the fact it was an alternative to some of the other malts around. The only thing that bugged him was the label on the bottle wasn’t perfectly straight. He is very particular about things like this, but I didn’t notice myself. 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £35

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