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Baby born Easter Egg Review


Reviewed by Laura S

With Easter rapidly approaching, there is much excitement in my house with my children.
My youngest, who is three years old, has become somewhat obsessed with the Easter Bunny, almost to the extent that the Easter Bunny is nearly as famous as Father Christmas.

The buying of gifts at Easter is a new concept; I have somehow missed that more than a chocolate egg is given. After speaking to friends, it seems I am late to the party.

The Easter Bunny arrived early at my house when he delivered a Baby born Easter Egg.
The Baby born Easter Egg is produced by Zapf Creation. Baby born is celebrating it’s 30th birthday this year. Kind of makes me feel a bit old, as I remember myself and siblings having Baby born when we were children but also shows what great products are made for it to reach its 30th birthday. We shared hours of fun playing with our dolls and imaginative play.

There was much excitement by my 3-year-old when she saw the pink egg on the table.
Somehow she knew it didn’t contain chocolate but something to be much more fun.

The egg has a plastic seal around it that an adult will need to remove. She found the egg tricky to open up due to needing to sort of twist the top and the bottom section at the same time.

Once the egg was opened she was happy to find an Easter outfit for her doll and a sheet of stickers.

The stickers are Easter themed including bunnies, eggs and flowers. The stickers are bright and cheerful.

The doll outfit fits a doll of 43cm tall.
The new outfit is stunning; it is pink with tulip flowers and a bunny print on it. The hoody also has two bunny ears and to add to the cutenesses one of the ears is flopped over.
The outfit is very soft to touch in a brushed cotton/velour type material.

My 3-year-old found it super easy to put her doll in the outfit. The rear of the outfit has a long opening down the centre that allows the doll to be easily placed inside. Once inside, the outfit has velcro to stick the two sides together.

The Baby born Easter Egg cost £12.99. I think this is an excellent value Easter treat. The outfit looks great and is made well made; the stickers are bright and fun, plus the pink plastic egg is reusable. It has already been repurposed in our house to hold her essential dolls items; bottle, dummy, toy & spoon.
This is such a lovely alternative to an alternative egg.

Another bonus is that the Easter egg didn’t come in excessive packaging that is unnecessary. The simplicity of the pink egg with a bow embossed on the front is perfect.

Feedback from my 3-year-old “Mummy, Orla (the doll) looks so cute in her Easter outfit”. “Mummy, can I have a onesie to match Orla’s outfit?”.

Over all I rate the Baby born Eastef egg 5/5.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12.99

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BABY born Easter Egg

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