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PocketKitePocket Kite in a Bag

Reviewed by Emma Lydon

The Pocket Kite in a Bag from ASPACE came in a really bright lightweight drawstring bag which was both small, easily fitting into my handbag and waterproof, which was handy given that on the day we tried it out we got caught in a shower. On first opening the product I was pleasantly surprised that the kite itself was so much bigger than you would expect given the size of the bag. The kids loved the bright colours. No instructions were provided but other than having to tie the handle string onto the kite strings none were needed. The kite didn’t seem to be too flimsy and seemed to be really simple to use.

We waited for a breezy day and headed out to try our hand at flying the kite. We had limited success with getting it to stay up in the air, there is plenty of string and it was promising at times but no sooner had we managed to get it in the air, it was heading straight back down again. However, getting caught in the shower didn’t help as the kite was then wet. In terms of value for money, I would say that this product is excellent. It may not have lived up to expectations in terms of how long it stayed up flying for (but this may have been due to the weather conditions) but we had a great time trying and the kite was still in one piece after taking quite a few dives into the ground.

We will take it out again with us the next time we head out to the park on a windy day and hopefully no rain to get better use.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £5 (Available in several colours).

Available to buy from ASPACE here.

3 Star

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