Aldi Mother’s Day Gift Selection Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

It’s that time of year again where people across the land are checking with each other that they haven’t missed it. That it’s not this Sunday and they’ve run out of time to sort it… it being Mother’s Day.

With the increasingly busy lives that we all seem to lead, and certainly with the pinch that we feel in our purse, it’s good to know that there are affordable and easily accessible options available that mum will appreciate this Mother’s Day. Options where we haven’t just missed the cut off for delivery, and options other than a voucher for the local garden centre.

Aldi recently sent me a selection of Mother’s Day gift ideas to try out, all of them inexpensive and a range to suit a variety of tastes and a broad age range.

The first item I was sent was a Visage Pro Style Ionic hairdryer. It came presented in a nice box and is available in three different colour options. I received the black and gold one and I have to say that I really liked it. It looks like a professional hairdryer and is weighty and substantial without being too heavy to hold and manoeuvre. It is comfortable to grip and is a pretty powerful bit of kit (1800-2200w). The hairdryer has three heat levels and two power levels, as well as a cold air button to help set your style. I have mid-length hair that is pretty thick and very prone to dryness and tangling. I blow dry my hair every day (naughty me), so was interested to see how the ionic hairdryer would help me.

I’m really impressed. Instead of the usual 20 minutes that it takes to dry my hair, it was done in 10 and felt smoother and had more body than with my old one. Because the drying time is halved, there will be less heat damage and I’m hopeful that in time, this will improve the condition of my hair. It also comes with a diffuser and a styling nozzle, allowing a range of styles to be created. The cable is long, and I could comfortably dry my hair standing up – at 5ft 9ins, this is not possible with all hairdryers. A bargain at £12.99.

I was also sent a bottle of Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore, £7.99. Prosecco is very much a trendy drink at the moment, with mums across the land asking if it’s ‘Prosecco O’clock’ yet at 7pm on a Friday evening. I personally don’t drink, so passed this one on to my dad to try out. He thoroughly enjoyed it, and said it was a very dry drink – great for him as that’s his preference. The bottle looks lovely with its silver label and foil, and it would make a great gift for lots of mums.

Next on the list was a lovely little Kirkton House Floral Notebook and Pen gift set, £2.99. It’s a lovely, Spring themed floral photo frame stand, with a compartment to hold three differently sized and patterned note books – a mixture of plain and lined, and a matching pen. This is an unusual and attractive gift idea, and would look lovely on a windowsill, next to a bed or on a hall table next the telephone. The addition on the photo frame element to the front means it can become a personal gift and one that would be loved and treasured.

One of my favourite items that I was sent was a gift pack of three long glasses, (Crofton Best Mum Ever Long Glass Set, £7.99), with ‘Lots of Love’, ‘Best Mum Ever’ and ‘Hugs + Kisses’ etched on the front. I think these are lovely glasses. They feel heavy and thick and are lovely to hold. They’re a great size for a morning glass of fresh orange, and both my kids and I have enjoyed using them. They aren’t dishwasher safe because of the lettering, but they do still come up nice and shiny after a hand wash.

My daughter’s favourite item that we were sent is a gorgeous little milk creamer and saucer set (Crofton I Love You Creamer & Saucer, £4.99). It has a sweet little pattern on, and instantly appealed to all of us. Unfortunately, I have to admit that we’re not quite posh enough to have a jug of milk on the table, and the six-pint bottle is normally plonked on the table at breakfast time. However, we found another (similar) use for it and my 4 year old is absolutely in love with her personal serving of gravy at tea time. It really is a lovely product and would be a great gift to be used for either milk, cream or gravy! A good pocket money item at £4.99.

The final item we were sent is a small plush elephant and baby elephant, a steal at £3.99. This is a lovely soft toy and is suitable for ages 12m+. I think it would make a really nice gift for a first Mothers’ Day from a new baby.

Aldi have a lot more in their Mother’s Day range that are in stores from 16 March 2017, so why not visit or pop in to your nearest Aldi store.

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