Aldi Memory Foam Insoles Review

Reviewed by Emma Salmon

These memory foam insoles could not have arrived at a better time, as I had trodden upon a nail and wearing normal shoes was very painful. They looked nice and thick, with a good rebound, when I took them from the packet and they had a simple guide to enable them to be cut to size. I used the guide to cut a size 6 shoe, and the length was very true, so this was an improvement on many insoles which often tend to cut small and move around inside your shoe. However I would recommend making sure that you pay attention to the width fitting, as I cut these according to the guide without really thinking it through – mine were lady’s fit but I wanted to wear them in trainers. The size guide is really designed for use in much more dainty, ladylike footwear than I tend to clomp around in and I may have been well to not reduce the width fitting at all.

The insoles were very comfortable and certainly relieved the pressure on my injury. I kept them in my trainers for the weekend and although they initially kept their shape after 3 days they had become quite flat and did not return to the original thickness. The foam had lost all of its integrity.

These foam insoles are very cheaply priced. I think that if you were wanting to wear them for a night out, or if you knew you were going out for a day where you knew you would be on your feet all day, then they would be a good buy for that one off occasion. However it would probably be worth investing a little more to get something more robust if you were planning on wearing them for the long term. They would also be good if you were thinking of buying insoles and wished to try them for a period before investing in some of the far more expensive options, as in the short term they held up well and offered good comfort.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £1.59

Available to buy in-store from Aldi, for more information or to find your nearest store visit

4 Star

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