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Aldi Camping Specialbuys Review

Reviewed by Sian Manning

I have had the pleasure of receiving 3 items from the Aldi Camping Specialbuys to review, as always they provide great useful items for a great price.

First up I have the Avenue Festival Wellingtons (RRP: £12.99). They are available in two styles and I have the rather pretty pink and navy blue ones (also available in green/orange). I have been sent them in a size 5 which is my normal shoe size and they fit well, there is room for a nice pair of thick socks if needed, but they aren’t too big if you just wear normal socks. While I am talking about size they are also a decent width around the calf, I have rather chunky legs and sometimes struggle with wellies being too tight but these are fine even with my jeans tucked in. They come up to mid-calf so are a decent length although they do have a textile cuff that could get dirty or wet if you decide to jump in a really deep puddle (although you could flip this inside if you prefer), saying that the textile adds the hit of colour and makes them more interesting than just a plain pair of wellies.

What’s great about these wellies is that they come in their own reusable drawstring bag, once they are all dirty you can just fold them up – yes they are thin enough to fold – and pop them back into their own bag to keep the rest of your things from getting dirty. The textile cuff can also be folded into the boot to save it from getting muddy or wet. They come with a really thick reusable elastic band to secure the wellies once they are folded for ease of getting them in and out of the bag and storing them.

I have worn them out a few times, in the rain and on the school run and they are really comfy, they aren’t too thin that they wrinkle up and dig in or rub but do exactly the job you would expect of wellies, keep you clean and dry, the benefit of these though is they look nice and can be stored a lot easier too. Definitely something to pack into your festival or camping bag, to use for dog walking or even just for a wet trip to school or the park.

Next up I have the Adventuridge Festival Sleeping Bag (RRP £6.99). Also available in two styles, I have the coral and grey version (Green/Grey also available). The sleeping bag is a great size 180x75cm, so nice and long so that you can really snuggle into it. It is great for sitting in on a chilly evening and wide enough that you can sit or lie comfortably without feeling too snug. It has a zip that goes all the way down one side and across the bottom, so if you do want to open it up and use it as a giant blanket you can.

It is a summer weight polyester shell and filled sleeping bag so not really thick but that makes it light and perfect to use for a camping trip and easy to carry with lots of other things.

The sleeping bag comes in a stuff sack so that it can be put away and transported easily, with a carry handle on one end and a drawstring on the other. Unlike other sleeping bags I have had in the past, this one was really easy to fold, roll and put back into the sack, a very welcome surprise.

It feels well made, there is a little Velcro strap over the top end of the zip so that you won’t catch on it and the fabric feels nice and soft. You just know you are going to feel comfortable and cosy inside. There is also a 3-year warranty, further assurance that even for such a small price it is great quality.

Finally, I also have the Flamingo Festival Throw (RRP £5.99). A brilliantly eye-catching light blue and flamingo patterned 130x170cm soft blanket. It is a really nice size and is great for snuggling up under on a chilly evening by yourself or even with a friend. It is completely on trend for this season too making it a great addition to any festival goers and campers.

If it does get dirty it is easily machine washable and even tumble dryer safe so you know that it won’t matter what gets thrown at it.

The throw is beautifully soft and lightweight, it would even be a great little addition to the sleeping bag mentioned above on a particularly chilly night. It is well made and hemmed all of the way round and unlike some other super soft blankets it does not lose its fluff, it’s always nice to know that you won’t go out looking like the flamingo you are snuggled under.

The throw comes wrapped with a very handy carry strap, secured with Velcro, so that once it is folded and rolled up it can be easily stored, packed or carried to where ever you are going.

All three of the items I have are great, perfect for a weekend away, a festival, camping trip or even just to use at home. They are great value too, so even if they don’t make it out of the festival completely unscathed at least you can console yourself that you haven’t spent all of your wages on them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone and also to have a look at the rest of the Camping Specialbuys as there are loads of really great, useful and also co-ordinating items in there.

Rating: 5/5

The Aldi Camping Specialbuys event is in stores from 4 June 2017, for more information or to find your nearest Aldi store visit www.aldi.co.uk.

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