4711 Rose Review


Reviewed by Jo Hardy

I was lucky enough to receive a bottle of “Rose “ original eau de cologne from the house of 4711 , its quite difficult to put a smell into words but I’ll try my best obviously as you would imagine from the name it was floral but in a very delicate way, and smelled natural rather than manufactured, I found it warm and intoxicating , I could smell rose but also other floral notes , in fact I could imagine a whole basket of flowers when I inhaled the fragrance or a walk in a country garden ,I often find a floral perfume too sweet and sickly but this wasn’t ,to me it was a perfect blend of floral notes.
Other fragrances from the house of 4711 floral collection are Lilac, Jasmine and Magnolia all in the same packaging but with a different background colour , they all come in 100 ml bottles and all priced at £26.99.
The house of 4711 really are masters of fragrance they do a fantastic range of colognes all in beautiful vintage looking bottles and boxes plus one especially for men , in a wide range of prices there should be something to suit every pocket.
The 100ml natural spray glass bottle was a good shape too hold and the spray worked well dispensing the perfect amount in one squirt, it had a small gold top which was easy to remove and felt quite solid , the bottle had a lovely vintage looking label in dusky pink and gold which covered almost all of the bottle and the bottle was then packaged in a dusky pink and gold cardboard box with the same vintage look. I think I would buy it for the look of the packaging alone, it would look lovely stood on a vintage dressing table.
This is the type of cologne you could use everyday it’s fresh and flowery without being overpowering and I could imagine lots of different age groups liking this from grandmas to older teenagers especially if they into a vintage look.
From reading the packaging I could see that 4711 is made in Germany by a very long established company established in 1792 , they must make good products to be in business for such a long time , when I looked at their web site I could see this was a company seeped in history they even do guided tours round their fragrance museum at their head quarters in Cologne as well as seminars and fragrance workshops . This will be somewhere to look our for if we ever get to go to Germany for a holiday, the original 4711 eau de cologne is a very interesting product when originally launched it was called a healthy elixir ,with a refreshing scent that revitalises the body and mind and was loved by Napoleon , the original recipe has never changed, and is a closely guarded secret, I really think this could be a product I could use right now ,I’m definitely going to look out for it in the shops .

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £26.99

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