3INA Skincare Review


Reviewed by Jo Hardy

I have been sent two 3INA skincare products to review the sorbet face cream and the blue gel cleanser, before I even tried the products I liked them , just looking at them I thought these are going to be fun , the packaging looks fresh and funky, and the colours are lovely sorbet shades,both products are cruelty free , vegan and made in Europe , on closer inspection of the boxes I read that they are actually made in Italy.
First I tried the sorbet face cream this was in a round glass pink pot with a white screw top which was inside a pink and white cardboard box , inside the lid of the box there was a bold statement “PREMIUM FORMULAS ARE FOR EVERYONE” , when l opened the pot the cream was the exact same pink as the packaging and looked good enough to eat , resisting the temptation to eat it I applied it to my face, the cream had a lovely light texture more of a gel than a cream and felt cooling on my skin , I immediately thought how lovely this would feel on my face in the summer especially after a spot of sunbathing ,it sunk into my skin immediately and my skin looked hydrated and glowing after use , there was a hint of fragrance which was very pleasant, this product is very easy and comfortable to use .
Next I tried the blue gel cleanser , this was presented in an all blue pump dispenser bottle inside the same blue coloured box inside the lid of this box the bold statement was PLAY REMOVE REPEAT the gel was clear with a hint of blue , the pump dispenser was very easy to use, I couldn’t get any lather from the gel when mixed with water but it glided over my skin easily and did do a good job of removing all my makeup including the mascara, there wasn’t any noticeable a fragrance , I’ve got to say my skin felt slightly tight after using but I think this is probably because this product is designed for a younger skin than mine, who often have a greasier skin and would benefit from this type of cleanser.
I was disappointed that nether of these products contained any instructions for how to use or any explanations of the active ingredients, maybe it’s just me but I am used to having a bit more information about my skincare products, and enjoy reading about them
3INA do a complete range of skincare,makeup and tools , there web site is young , funky and fun and they seem to be very proud of their diversity. These products would be ideal for teenagers or young adults , I know my nieces would love them .Although I could only find prices in euros for the products I reviewed they all seemed to be very affordable.
All products are available on the website postage is free on orders over £32 , all their stores are also listed on the website but they don’t appear to have one in uk yet.Like all good companies now they also have a Facebook page and are on Instagram oh and by the way in case you were wondering the name of the company is pronounced mee-nah , who’d of guessed .

Rating: 5/5

RRP: The sorbet face cream €22.95 The blue gel cleanser €16.95

You can purchase these items from here

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