My Aurochs Tri-fold Wallet Review


Reviewed by Helen Wyatt

We were lucky enough to receive a men’s leather tri-fold wallet to review from I wasn’t sure what to expect however it unexpectedly arrived in a beautiful presentation wallet with a folder over flap, which tucks into a strap to keep any contents secure. Before we even get onto the wallet itself, the presentation wallet is extremely useful on its own and my husband has commandeered it to keep random “stuff” in! It’s very well constructed and seems like it will be long lasting, and a great addition to the wallet, particularly if you are gifting to someone else. It could be really useful as a document wallet to keep your passport and travel papers in, for example.

The wallet itself is described as slim and minimalist however as it is trifold it is probably a little thicker than we thought. That however doesn’t detract from the design, which folds very nicely and sits flat in the pocket. The wallet it made of high-quality leather obtained from the oldest leather tanneries in South Asia. As the wallet uses full grain leather, it is built to last and extremely durable. The company logo is subtly embossed onto the front, which is a nice touch, but not too in your face. It was also extremely pleasing to read that the company does not source leather purely for fashions sake, but it is ethically sourced from farms that breed animals for milk and meat purposes only. My husband has gone through many wallets and finds this one to be the best quality. It slides in and out of the pocket easily without sticking to the material, like some wallets can do, and is really lightweight so won’t weigh down any pocket or pull it out of shape.

My husband particularly likes the two-tone leather, as the wallet we received has a dark brown exterior and lighter brown interior. The trifold wallet also comes in dark forest green or black. The craftsmanship is excellent, and stitching is exceptional, giving it a real high quality air. Due to the leather used, the edges will wear slightly over time and the wallet will take on an antique patina, which I know my husband will love.

Whilst small, the wallet is deceptive in design and can carry up to 8 cards and 10 notes without compromising the shape at all. My husband feels that the notes fit easily into the wallet so there’s no fighting to get anything back out again, like you can sometimes experience with other poorer quality wallets. The wallet also has the option of a military-grade RFID lining which prevents unauthorised scanning of your cards, giving additional peace of mind for the security of your sensitive information.

This wallet and presentation pouch would be an excellent Christmas gift for the person in your life who has everything! A long lasting, tough and durable but beautifully constructed wallet that slides easily into the pocket and stores everything you need a wallet to contain.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £45.60

This product can be purchased from My Aurochs here

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