20 Things To Do In Dublin by Colin Murphy Review

Reviewed by Lisa Hall

A guidebook with a very humorous twist!

I found this book absolutely fascinating.

I have not been to Dublin and would love to go so reading this book gave me a fantastic insight into what Dublin has to offer. My Husband has been to Dublin and thoroughly enjoyed reading it and reminiscing on the places listed, therefore it is the ultimate tourist guidebook on every level.

It is very well written and humorous throughout, I loved the down to earth writing that was very easy to read and understand. It has the feeling of a friend explaining something to you and not a stuffy tourist attraction.

Each of the landmarks is clearly marked and easy to follow.

I especially enjoyed the way the book was broken down in to sections for each attraction. I particularly liked the in-depth history bit and found these very interesting. Giving the telephone numbers, email address, transport information and pricing for each venue saves costly surprises that you didn’t bargain for on your day trip.

The Dublin slang section had me howling and now I need to find a Dubliner to practice on.

The book lists the 20 best sights to see in Dublin but also lists the 21 best pubs to visit also.The sights are fully detailed and explained and are packed with loads of information and tips of what to look out for that you would probably not find out unless you paid for a costly tour guide.

This book is the entire tour guide you need. Giving you other tour sights that are near to the one you are visiting is also fantastic if you want to fill out your day more.

The pub guide again is very informative and gives information on décor, atmosphere day or night and food choices along with the pubs own history and interesting facts.

Massive thumbs up for this book and will look forward to using it in Dublin myself one day.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £8.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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