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Seedball Butterfly Mix Review

Reviewed by Stuart Percival

My Dad is a very keen gardener and has always put lots of effort into keeping his garden in top condition – I would like to do the same, but with only a patio area to work with, it can seem a little difficult at times. The Seedballs sounded like an interesting idea because they claim to be very easy to use and to grow equally as well in pots and planters as they do in larger flower beds.

The website (www.seedball.co.uk) is easy to navigate and contains a lot of information about the seedballs as well as about conservation of things like bees, butterflies and wildflowers. The website also explains that Seedball is run by Project Maya – not something that I had previously heard a lot about, but it is ‘a non-profit eco-social enterprise working to build a global network of reserves’. All the profits from Seedball are ‘used towards funding Maya Reserves and other Project Maya eco activities.

The standard seedball mixes come in small round tins (about 7 cm in diameter and 2cm deep) that are very solid and could easily be stacked for storage. Each tin comes with a set of instructions that give clear and simple suggestions as well as information about the seedballs and contact details for the company.

There are at least 20 balls in each tin and around 50 seeds in each ball. They can be purchased as single species tins, mixed species tins or 500g bulk bags.

The seedballs are encased in clay and also contain chilli. It is not something that I had ever really considered, but it does make sense that this would deter predators like ants and birds.

The Butterfly Seedmix contains five types of native wildflower seeds that are recommended by Butterfly Conservation. The mix includes Forget-Me-Not, Red Campion, Yarrow, Purple Loosestrife and Musk Mallow provides a selection of plants that flower in both early and late summer.

Seedball2The seedballs could not be easier to use – you just have to scatter them in the chosen area of your garden or in pots. They don’t really need ‘planting’ – the instructions recommend that you simply scatter them on top of soil or compost.

As the sprouts from the seeds are not usually seen for 6–8 weeks, I cannot comment on the flowers themselves. However, as the seedballs are so easy to use, come with very clear instructions and arrive extremely well packaged, at this stage I would rate them as 5/5 and would definitely consider buy them in the future to try and turn our patio into a garden!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £6

Available to buy from Seedball here.


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