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My First Week In Maddy Alexander Grout’s Invisible To Influencial Membership

DISCLOSURE – I am a normal paying customer within Maddy’s membership. I just want to ‘shout out’ about it because it’s amazing.

By Debbie Talbot

I have been running my own business for 21 years now and I am beyond proud of building it up to where it is now. I have chronic health conditions, disabilities and a learning difficulty of a dypraxic nature which can make things challenging on a day to day basis. My business gives me the opportunity to pursue a career that I love in a flexible way that fits around my circumstances. My brain can often feel like a a chaotic mess with so much bursting to come out but when it does, it can tend to be very disorganised and long winded. I didn’t know until recently that my learning difficulty means that I am neurodivergent, but once I found that out, so much made sense about the way I am.

Probably much like a lot of other business owners, I have to wear a lot of hats when running my business. One of the business goals that I have set myself this year is for my website to consistently reach 100,000 unique visits a month by the end of 2024. Whilst my blog itself tends to consistently have what I think are strong statistics, I know that to further grow my business I need to reach people who don’t already know about my business. Two of the areas I know I need to work on are social media posts and selling.

I came across Maddy Alexander Grout’s Invisible to Influential membership recently which currently costs a very reasonable £7.00 a month. I joined and am one of the founding members. Maddy is an absolutely lovely lady whose back story I find to be truly inspirational. She is an ADHD Money Specialist, offers sessions on TikTok strategy for neurodivergents, is a Podcaster, TikTok Influencer and more. To find out more about Maddy you can visit here.

Whilst it is very early days for me within the membership, I am very encouraged by how my first week has gone. I had been writing very long winded social media posts, but this week after asking Maddy to provide feedback on some of my social media posts, I have managed to cut them down in length. The feedback Maddy has provided has been really useful and she has done this not just for me, but for other people within the membership who have asked her for help. Maddy is kind, patient and explains things in a way I can understand them.

Today for the first time, I asked Maddy for feedback on a certain social media post as well as asking if she could possibly share the post for me. Maddy kindly did and it’s not just me she has done this for. She does it for people in her membership. I am still getting to grips with all that the Invisible to Influential membership offers, but in my view Maddy goes above and beyond to provide so so much value in her membership. I, for one, plan to stay in it for the longer term as it’s absolutely amazing. Also included in the membership are tasks Maddy sets, tips she gives us, a monthly zoom with Maddy where we can discuss an issue with her to find a solution and monthly guest expert sessions. I have not experienced the full tools in the membership as yet, but I plan to do an update post once a month about how I am getting on in her membership.

I mentioned earlier that Maddy also offers sessions on TikTok strategy for those who are neuronivergent. I was lucky to attend one of her free webinars and it was so informative and useful. To find more information on Maddy’s services, please see here. She even offers 1:1 coaching sessions for just £99 which I think is very reasonable.

Maddy is also the founder of the Mad About Money app. More information on the app can be found here.

How you can find Maddy:

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