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Indoor Allotment Review

Reviewed by Victoria Daubney

When the package containing my indoor allotment first arrived I couldn’t wait to open the box and get started.

The design on the box was modern. It used a bold green colour with black text as well as clear labelling and pictures to illustrate exactly what was inside. It was very inviting, and stood out.

Upon opening the box I found that the indoor allotment was already made up, so that was a bonus. I had imagined having to put it together myself. The allotment’s great, it’s cute and stylish with its white picket fence running around the whole perimeter and miniature shed at one end for storage. The allotment is handmade and hand painted. The quality is good, appearing strong and sturdy with a nice, clean, white finish.

The plant pots with matching drainage trays were in their place inside the allotment and the other items included; seeds, herb snips, soil pellets and instructions, were all in the shed. These items were easy to get to because as well as having a functioning door on the shed, you can also take the roof off for even easier access. A great storage solution.

The instructions were very clear and simple so it was easy to follow them and know exactly what you needed to do. I also liked that included in the instructions it told you what to do if you wanted to plant your herbs outdoors once they had grown.

When it came to the soil pellets, they didn’t seem to soak up the water that well (which is what is needed to bring them back to being soil as we know it), and so I found that task quite time consuming, and a bit messy. Once the pellets reverted back to soil, the planting process itself was really quick and straight forward.

I planted the basil, oregano and coriander seeds that were included. On the back of each packet of seeds it gives an indication of how long it will take for the seeds to become herbs, which was useful to know.

Finally, it was time to find a place for the indoor allotment. On the instructions it states it has to be put somewhere warm and in direct sunlight. The size of the allotment is another great feature, measuring approximately 41cm(W) x 14cm(H) x 18cm(D). Due to its ideal size it fits easily onto a window ledge or shelf, so I had multiple options to position it.

All I need to do now is wait and watch, as hopefully my herbs grow and make my indoor allotment look even better!

I would rate this item 4 out of 5, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to grow their own herbs indoors and have them close at hand for cooking. It is also the perfect solution for those with little or no space outdoors for growing anything.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £24.99

Available to buy from www.firebox.com.

4 Star

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