DOLCE & GABBANA Dolce Eau De Parfum 30ml Review


Reviewed by Jo Hardy

Dolce and Gabbana is a name associated with luxury high fashion and clever design, the fashion house was founded in Italy in the 1980’s and added the first perfume to its range of products in the 1990’s, they now offer a wide collection of both men’s and ladies’ perfumes, many of which are award winning.

The perfume I have been asked to review is “Dolce”
I’ll start with the packaging. The box the bottle comes in is the palest of dusky peach shades with black writing and a thin black ribbon tied in a bow printed on the front, very stylish.

The bottle is a lovely vintage design. The stopper in the shape of a flower is ivory in colour with a centre of pale peach. Around the neck of the bottle is a thin black ribbon tied in a bow that matches the design on the box. The actual liquid is a very pale green which blends beautifully with the bottle stopper. The glass bottle has a heavy bottom so it will sit well and look very pretty on a dressing table.

I’m really not good at identifying top notes, heart notes or bass notes in perfume, or even identify wines, but I would describe the perfume as light and romantically floral, not at all overpowering, but still making a statement. It conjures up an image of a bouquet of summer flowers, or a walk in a summer garden and gives a sense of luxury at the same time.

The Perfume Direct website describes it as having ‘Top notes of neroli leaf and papaya flower, heart notes of white amaryllis, narcissus and white water lily, and soft bass notes of Kashmir and Musk’. It is perfect for wearing every day and would be a lovely gift for Mother’s Day, Easter, birthdays or Christmas and a fragrance that would suit many age groups.

Who doesn’t want to smell good, a beautiful perfume can evoke lots of feelings and create a lasting impression, it can really become part of your identity and have a positive effect on your mood and confidence.

A spray of perfume sets my mood for the day and I don’t feel fully dressed without it. Perfume is also a fantastic memory maker; a whiff of Revlon’s “Charlie” still takes me right back to my teenage years and preparing for a Saturday night at the disco.

Dolce is available from the 30ml is priced at £36.99, at the time of writing the 50ml is at a reduced price of £52.99 and 75ml is reduced to £64.99.

I would encourage anyone who is thinking of buying perfume to take a look at the Perfume Direct website, it is very easy to navigate. They have a huge range of perfumes, aftershaves and gift sets at very good prices and lots of flexible payment options, you could also subscribe to their web site to receive exclusive offers.

Rating: 5/5

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