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Zog Floor Puzzle and Gruffalo Snap Card Game Review


Reviewed by Nia Lock

Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s ‘The Gruffalo’ is a well known and loved story and my children reacted with immediate interest to the idea of the Gruffalo snap card game. There are 36 cards in the pack of 9 different designs and the game is suitable from 2 years. Each design has a different picture scene from the beautiful illustrations in the book and a quote from the story. We found it easy to differentiate between the cards during the game because of the brightly coloured border, this and the fact that the cards are large and sturdy is what makes it suitable for such young children. The instruction card is clear and concise They’re very good quality and will stand up to many years of play. As well as being a quick game that we can play as a family to hilarious effect, the cards were also enjoyed as reading prompts and flashcards and my children spent a lot of time just looking at the cards and discussing the pictures. These beautiful cards would make a lovely gift and their size makes them perfect as a stocking filler.

The My first floor puzzle by Ravensburger featuring Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s Zog is also suitable from age 2. My baby isn’t quite two yet but she was instantly engaged by the bright full size picture of the puzzle on the box and was keen to find out what was inside. The 16 large chunky pieces are ideal for tiny hands and encourage toddlers to pick them up and have a go. The pieces are blank on the reverse, which is perfect for this age group as it makes it easy to get the pieces the right way up. The picture side is matt finish and the colours are vibrant. The puzzle fits together very definitely, with a satisfying clunk sound and the completed picture is so full of interest that we enjoyed looking at it and talking about all the dragons and animals for much longer than we spent trying to do the puzzle in the first place. Once completed the puzzle is roughly 50cm x 36cm so it’s big and exciting in the eyes of a toddler. My older children are also very taken with the puzzle, I think a sure sign of a high quality toy is when it entertains more than just it’s target age group. The cardboard box it comes in is very sturdy and has actually already survived being trodden on without collapsing which bodes well for its future. My baby has wanted to play with the puzzle every day this week even though she’s nowhere near completing it independently yet, it’s great fun for us to do together and each time we look at it we find something new to talk about. This puzzle would make a fabulous gift for Christmas, it’s a traditional toy with a picture that the children recognise from one of their favourite stories and the box is the perfect shape for easy wrapping!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: snap card game – £6.99, puzzle – £8.99

You can purchase the puzzle here

You can purchase the snap card game here

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