Zippos Cirque Berserk Review


Zippos Cirque Berserk

23 November 2012 – 6 January 2013

Reviewed by Leah Rabbett

I can’t remember the last time I went to the circus. When you think of circus, you think clowns jugglers and lions. Well this was a twist on the happy fun circus. We were sitting on the edge of our seats! Timing was very prompt and we could not wait for the show to start! Cirque Berserk is a twisted fairy tale, a scary doll like girl tells the story, monkeys in stripped trousers popped out warming the crowd up for the show, they popped up a lot in the show they were the crowd hypers, with little acts in between the big acts.

Most amazing part and I'm sure the act everyone loved has got to be the motorbikes. 1 bike ripped through the circus tent raring the show up everyone wondered what was going to happen next, the 'Globe Of Death' was brought out to the middle, the biker got in the door was shut and he ripped around the globe at neck breaking speed. It really was jaw dropping. You definitely saw and heard a lot of shock on people’s faces. Well when you thought it would not get any better it did! Next was 2 bikes then 3… then 4. Everyone was so amazed. Even through the show when 2/3 bikes were going round a girl stood in the middle she didn't looked scared at all. If that was me I would have been petrified! The bikes were amazing zooming around the globe at real breath-taking speeds, round and around up and down and looked very professional. One of them things can’t explain in words just go to the show! Also the tightrope act was amazing, the man blindfolded walking across the rope with a lady on his shoulders was hide behind your hands time! The whole show start to finish was amazing.

Loved the little acts in between the breath-taking dare devil acts even a monkey doing the limbo with the stick on fire was wicked to see a very bendy monkey! 45 minutes was not enough, another half hour would have been fine just, 45 minutes was not long enough. By the time the show was over the whole crowd was loving it.

We had a VIP champagne booth and were treated to a whole bottle of champagne and chocolates. I'm very glad we had a booth, it was extra space for bags and coats with plenty of leg room and was lit with dim lights with a great view.  I would highly recommend the VIP booth if you like a bit more space, leg room and own private space to cheer clap and go crazy at the amazing acts.

Situated in the heart of Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park was great, after the show we walked around Winter Wonderland which was very festive and was amazing. Every corner you turned was full of lights fun and festive spirit. Everyone was having fun and we could have spent hours there.

We had an amazing evening and our 9 year old wants to go back again and I'm sure he will be non-stop talking at school of Cirque Berserk. Highly recommend the show, if you can defiantly get the VIP booth great to chill out and enjoy the show. We will be back again!

Rating: 5/5

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