You’re Priceless Necklet Review

YourePriceless1You’re Priceless Necklet

Reviewed by Sian Manning

I was very happy to get picked to review the ‘You’re Priceless Necklet’ available in male and femaile versions from gift website Prezzybox.

The necklet arrived very quickly in a medium sized white jiffy bag, inside the bag was a delivery note, the necklet and two money off vouchers, one for wine and one for coffee pods.

The necklet comes in a brown folded card that is wrapped in cellophane like a birthday card, there is a small vellum paper insert that explains all about the necklet and shows you the message printed inside the card. It gives you examples of why you would be gifting it, love, friendship or a thank you.

It also tells you exactly what you are getting, a hallmarked silver blank price tag hung on 1 meter of organic cotton cord.

Once you have taken the cellophane off you can open up the card. It can be gifted in different ways, either wrapped up as a small present or it can be sent like a birthday card. Its clever design means that folding the card one way it becomes a brown envelope with a name and address section printed, ready for sealing with the included postage stickers, jotting an address on and popping in the post to surprise someone special.

Folding the card the other way you see the design on the front, a man with the priceless tag for a head, giving you a hint of what is inside. The back of the card is plain except for the love and patience logo.


Inside the card there is a short statement;

“Sometimes, someone, is everything…

There can be a million stories why… but the reasons are all the same, you’re incomparable, you’re irreplaceable, you’re priceless”

The last two words written in silver to make them stand out on the card.

There is a space underneath to write your own personal message too.

You can then see the necklet hanging in the middle section of the card with the cotton cord hung neatly behind and tucked away. If you lift the section with the tag on to get to the cord underneath you can see thank you written on the card, making it the perfect gift as a little thank you present too.

The You’re Priceless tag is a lovely size, not too big and not too small perfect to be worn as either a necklace or if preferred a bracelet. The cotton cord can be cut to your desired length.


On the final page of the card there are two illustrations one of the tag being worn as necklace and one as a bracelet. Both in black and white with the tag in a shiny silver, again making it stand out.

The priceless tag really is a beautiful gift to give to anyone that needs reminding that they are priceless to you. Be it for a birthday, Father’s Day, an anniversary or for no reason at all you can be sure that the reaction you will get will be the same, elation at receiving such a beautiful and thoughtful gift that will be treasured for a long time to come.

For the price you get a beautifully thought out, well designed gift, definitely something that I would recommend for the person that can be hard to buy for and already has everything. Who doesn’t like to be reminded that they are priceless?

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £19.95

Available to buy from Prezzybox here.


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