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GraffitiCakeMixGraffiti Cake Mix

Reviewed by Linda Curtain

Today I have experienced using a Duff Goldman cake mix as a review item. Duff Goldman is an American celebrity chef living in Baltimore. He has his own business there – Charm City Cakes – and he is known for the imaginative cakes he produces. Working in conjunction with Gartner Studios in the USA, Duff has produced a full range of products to enable people to create their own masterpieces.

The cake I received to review was the Pink Camouflage Cake and it was supplied to me by Firebox who sell a variety of these cake mixes along with many other amazing, unique products.

The box containing the mix was very bright and showed a slice of the lovely pink sponge cake – with a great combination of colours and covered in white frosting. Certainly a very modern design and appealing to the younger generation.

I was keen to start baking, so having checked that I had all the listed ‘extra’ ingredients – only cooking oil and three egg whites – I eagerly opened the box. Within the carton was quite a large bag of sponge mix and a small tube of pink food dye – unfortunately no frosting! Having seen the picture on the front I would have assumed that this would have been included as there was no indication that it had to be purchased separately.

With the oven set and cake pans greased, I poured the dry mix into the bowl – when I went to add the water though I realised it was written as American cup measurements as it was an American product so that caused a bit of confusion as did the fact that the oven temperature was in degrees Fahrenheit not Centigrade! However, having worked out the required settings and liquid amounts, I mixed the cake. The mixture was very easy to blend and I soon had a very smooth batter. Following the instructions, I split the mixture between three bowls and added the colouring to make three varying colour mixes. At this stage I would warn people that the dye is very strong and stains as soon as it touches anything (yes, my pink work surface does look pretty!). The next step was to put spoonfuls of random colour mix into two 8″ cake pans – I actually had some mix over to make some cupcakes.

The cakes cooked within about 30 minutes and looked and smelled delicious. When cool, I used jam as a filling and was very impressed with the end result. The random colours showed up beautifully and the sponge was very light with a superb vanilla flavour.

I felt the instructions on the box were very easy to follow. There were full details about the nutritional values and detailed ingredient lists. The website address for further information about Duff Goldman and his products was also included.

Certainly a different product and would be good as a unique gift idea but selling at £9.99 it seems very expensive for a cake – but there again who doesn’t like cake!!!

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £9.99

Available to buy as Camouflage, Pink Camouflage or Tie-Dye from Firebox here.

3 Star

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