Make Your Own Beer Cookies Review

Reviewed by Jo Flaherty

I really liked the idea of this product – I like beer and I like cookies… why wouldn’t I like Beer Cookies?

The ‘Make Your Own Beer Cookies’ gift set is presented in a lovely gift box; the box contains pre-mixed cookie mix and a bottle of Railway Porter. The packaging says you just pour beer over your cookie mix and away you go and it pretty much is as simple as that… except that I felt I might have liked more instructions. The packet asks you to spoon the mixture onto a baking tray, each spoonful spaced apart but it doesn’t give you any idea how far apart they should be spaced or how much they will spread or expand. I left a couple of centimeters between the blobs (that’s the technical term!), but as it turned out this was plenty; the cookies didn’t really spread out, but more expanded. The instructions asked you to bake for ten minutes, with no further detail other than the temperature, so after ten minutes I took the cookies out of the oven. They seemed a little puffed up but as there weren’t any directions as to how they should look or feel, I wasn’t sure if this was how they should be. I left them to cool on a rack and went back to them a little later. They were still very soft, and possibly even a bit cakey rather than a cookie. For the recipe, you only use a little of the beer, with an instruction to enjoy the rest of the bottle with the cookies.


I think it is a nice concept – some cookies with a beer to match, but it’s a little lacking when it comes to the execution. I’m perfectly willing to admit this may be through my own baking skills but without more directions I can’t imagine what, if anything, I might have done wrong.

Pack makes 10-12 cookies.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £12.99

Available to buy from Firebox here.

3 Star

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