Little Live Pets Series 2 Butterfly Frozen Iceland Review


LLPButterfly1Little Live Pets Series 2 Butterfly
Frozen Iceland

Reviewed by Kayreen Di Folco

I was asked to review the Little Live Pets, Butterfly. I had seen this advertised, as had my young daughter who really liked the look of the toy. When I received the toy, I was intrigued by the packaging. It was bright and pretty with nice colours and writing that was inviting for the target age group, of 5 years plus. My little girl was very excited and couldn’t wait to get it open.

The packaging was secure, so I opened it by cutting along the edges of the plastic. The butterfly was lovely with icy colours of white and blue and lots of glitter and sparkle. My daughter had a good look at the toy while read through the charging instructions. The butterfly should be placed on the battery powered charging flower for over 10 seconds, but I left it on for around a minute. I then allowed my little girl to pick up the butterfly and watch as it fluttered happily in her hands. She was delighted with the butterfly and happily played with it for around 10 minutes, before playing with it alongside other toys.

Although it is pretty, the toy seems a bit of a novelty and now tends to get used in imaginative play along with other toys, for example, my daughter likes to place it in her baby pram along with her dolly. It is a nice addition to her room and does sit pride of place on display. She does like to show the butterfly off when family or friends come to visit and had named it Glitz, so there is enjoyment there, however, when she plays with it on its own, she becomes bored quickly.


Overall, I think this is a lovely toy which my daughter does enjoy. The colours are pretty, and with a wide range of variances, I’m sure there is a butterfly (or other pet) to suit every child’s taste and preferences.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £9.99

Suitable age: 5 years +

Available to buy from Character Online here.

4 Star

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