Your Design Natural Canvas Bag Review


Reviewed by Cate Norris

Imagine not only being able to personalise a product, but being able to completely design it. Well now you can! ‘Your Design’ is an online company that offer an array of products, including bags, clothing, pencil cases and mugs that provide a blank canvas for your inner, creative, geniuses to unleash themselves.

I was asked to review a canvas bag and was eager to do so, but my initial excitement began to diminish as I realised it would be more challenging than I thought. Confronted with so many choices, I felt indecisive. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use my own image, an image from the web or an image from the site’s gallery. All I knew is that I wanted to make a great bag but I wasn’t sure how to go about that and couldn’t find inspiration (I would have liked to see a gallery of previously made products but perhaps I missed it or perhaps that defeats the object). Being the designer, I felt the responsibility of my choices and I certainly don’t envy fashion designers. Feeling ‘creative juiceless’, I enlisted the help of my superhero fanatic son and that’s when the fun started. He knew what he wanted on ‘his’ bag, he needed ‘The Flash’ because he hasn’t got any Flash merchandise and hasn’t seen any in the shops yet. We uploaded an image of the Flash’s trademark lightening symbol and placed it onto our bag design. We centred it and made it bigger until we were happy. Next, we turned the bag around and began writing ‘Flash’ on the back of the bag. My son was delighted to find that there was a superhero font and so we selected that and we changed the colour and outline of the lettering several times until we were happy, and it was just the way we wanted it. When a parcel arrived just a couple of days later, we were both ripping the package open with excitement and were so pleased to see our bag was exactly how we designed it.

It was a wonderful experience designing a bag with my son and it is fantastic that he has something that is unique and personal. I would definitely recommend Your Design, it is the perfect place to purchase meaningful gifts, as well as design your own essentials. I will be back before September with the kids for school bags, pencil cases and more creative fun.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £6

Available to buy from Your Design here.

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