Candles on the Web Dancing Flame Candle Review


Reviewed by Cate Norris

‘The Dancing Flame Candle’ from (COTW) is an LED candle, available in 2 sizes; 18x7cm and 13x9cm, which requires three AA batteries in order to operate. Unfortunately, batteries are not provided and so as I did not have any batteries it was a while until I could try this candle out. When I did remember to get batteries, I found removing the tiny screw for the battery compartment very fiddly and was a little miffed that the candle required so many batteries. However, I was relieved that at least it did not require button cell batteries and I just hoped they wouldn’t need replacing too frequently.

The look and feel of the candle is very realistic and the ‘flame’ part dances about, hence the name ‘Dancing Flame Candle’. This creates a lovely, natural, flicker and the candle gives off a good light and creates a warm and cosy ambience. The best thing about these candles is that they are safe. They can be left, with complete confidence near curtains, children and cats and as there is no real flame you can rest assured there will be no risks.

This candle does not have a ‘blow-out’ feature as some LED candles have. This is a feature I personally like and wish it did have, but it does have a timer which is a feature I have never come across before in LED candles. The timer sets the candle to come on at the same time each day which is fun but could also be a welcome addition to routine setting and signify wind down time.

Whilst it is a lovely candle, I personally think it is a little too expensive at £11.95 and unfortunately wouldn’t recommend it at this price.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £11.95

Availalble to buy from COTW here.

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