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Galt Tell the Time Set Review

Reviewed by Sarah Bryan

Galt have a reputation for high quality educational toys for children so I was looking forward to reviewing their Tell the Time Set.

The game is packaged in a bright eye-catching box, a nice size for use at home or travel and with a very convenient carry handle.

It’s easy to see what you are getting with this toy. The contents are clearly displayed on the front with concise instructions and an easy to see age range.

Even before opening the box, the kids were enthusiastic about trying it, especially seeing the image of the egg timers, their competitiveness was ignited!

The actual material of the contents seems durable and of a good enough quality to withstand many a clock hand twisting, repetitive sticker moving and writing and erasing on the wipe clean sheets. The plastic hands on the clock face board are very sturdy and they stay in position once set.

I reviewed this product alongside my mini sidekicks aged 8, 6 and 3 (is recommended for children aged 5 years and upwards). This was more suited to the 8-year-old as the younger two were more interested in the stickers and rolling the dice to see the numbers.

The clock face is bold and clear and the use of colour to distinguish between minutes, hours, past the hour and to the hour were very helpful in separating the different elements of time. Numbers are displayed to show 5 past the hour, 10 past, 15 etc and then after 30 minutes it is shown in the reverse so 25 (to the hour), 20, 15 but our 8 year old found this hard to grasp and felt that after 30 minutes, as well as 20 (minutes to the hour) it should also say, perhaps in brackets; “40 (minutes past the hour” as she found it hard to know how to set 3:40. Our 8 year old tester also felt each minute marker would be better numbered to make it easier to count.

The dice are a good size, large enough for small hands and safe. The use of one being red and one being blue correspond to the hours and minutes on the clock face and is very easy to comprehend.

We spent ages rolling the dice and moving the hands of the clock and the wipeable cards with blank clocks in digital and analogue to write the numbers or draw the hands on are great to reinforce the learning of telling the time, a skill that as an adult you can easily forget how hard it is to learn.

It felt like the “serious learning” was over once we picked up the egg timers and task sheets, the kids said this part was great fun and by timing themselves and counting how many hops they can do in a minute and other fun things, competing against each other and also trying to beat their own time, they continued to learn without even realising it.

It was a challenge to their imaginations to try and think up themselves what tasks they could do in 5 minutes, this part required encouragement and support from an adult. They enjoyed setting weekly tasks and it was enjoyable to do this together.

The reusable stickers are fantastic and hold in place very well. They are great for using on the weekly planner and provide inspiration for varying the tasks.

The only downside was the sponge provided for wiping the pen off the wipeable sheets. It’s very thin and too flimsy and you have to squash it up to use it. It looks like a small section of packaging.

I can see this Tell the Time Set being a game we return to again and again and it’s a very well thought out educational tool that delivers learning in layers and its fun!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £8.99

Availalble to buy from Galt Toys here.

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