Yoga for Weight Loss with Roxy Shahidi Review

Reviewed by Debbie Lowndes

I was asked to review a Yoga Weight Loss DVD, I thought why not, let’s give it a go. I have in the past done numerous types of exercise from swimming regularly, attending the gym, walking etc… However, just recently my motivation, fitness and stamina levels have dropped. So I thought why not what have I got to lose?

The DVD has 3 programmes (Cardio & Standing Series,Core Strengthening and Seated Flow)with six options on the menu, as listed below:-

Warm up (10 minutes)
Sequence 1 – Cardio and Standing Series (20 minutes)
Sequence 2 – Core Strengthening (20 minutes)
Sequence 3 – Seated Flow (20 minutes)
Breath (10 minutes)
Savasana (5 minutes)

Firstly I worked my way through the warm up section. I found this section easy to follow and I managed to keep up throughout this warm up process.

Sequence 1 – elements of this section I found difficult. Roxy tends to use a lot of yoga terminology. I found this slightly confusing, mainly due to being unfamiliar with yoga terminology. I guess with more practice and viewing it will all fit into place.

Sequence 2 – once again areas of this section were difficult for me and I could not maintain certain positions and kept falling over. I am sure with more practice and patience that I will overcome the balance issues.

I feel that sequences 1 and 2 are the most taxing sections of this DVD. However, with more practice you will be able to hold the poses. I guess eventually you will tone your body and see significant changes as a result.

Sequence 3 – This section allows you to start to unwind and involves stretching out your muscles. I found this section easy to follow and was able conduct most of it without be wobbly.

Breath – This section focuses on your breathing and once again Roxy is easy to follow and provides clear direction.

Savasana – This is the ultimate relaxation. I felt this section allowed to fully unwind and de-stress. Allowing myself to let go which helped to reduce my daily stressors and unwind.

I feel this DVD will be a valuable tool if you allow yourself to use this frequently. It is obviously that with regularly use you will tone your body, lose weight and clear your mind. Which in turn will help you to feel good about your appearance and have tremendous health benefits

Roxy is easy to follow and provides clear direction in relation to positions and movement. However, she does use yoga terminology, which can cause confusion at times. This should overcome after more practice.

I feel the DVD will definitely tone and strengthen your muscles. I could feel it working after just one use. The programme will allow you to purify and detox your body. With regular use you should acquire better posture and reduce the risk of back pain etc… due to the focus on strengthening the core.

Roxy is a qualified instructor and demonstrates many good yoga positions offering a vast selection for everyone. Some moves are tricky and involve a lot of concentration but with time and practice these moves can be mastered. It is nice to be able to set yourself goals in order to keep your motivation and interest levels high. I intend to complete this DVD three times per week in order to progress and make myself more flexible. I am certain that if I regularly participate in this yoga plan that I will see weight and measurement loss as I start to tone up.

I would recommend this DVD. It is by far not the easiest exercise DVD that I have followed. However, I am sure it will produce results and one benefit is that it allows me to set myself goals and gives me a progression path to follow.

Roxy is easy to follow on screen and describes the exercise routine well. It may be worth just watching the DVD through 1st time around prior to attempting the exercises.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £10

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 Star

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