Yo! Sushi Leeds (Sept 2013) Review

Reviewed by Sarah Woodhead

Yo! Sushi is situated in the heart of the shopping district in Leeds on the top floor of the extravagant and affluent shopping experience that is Harvey Nichols.

Upon leaving the lift (yes I was being lazy), you’re drawn to the bright orange Yo! Sushi sign encouraging you by drawing you in it tempts you to try the culinary delights that tickle and tantalise the senses.

We were greeted by our server who was instrumental in explaining the menu and dishes on offer, in addition to introducing us to the Japanese kaiten conveyer belt system, which is designed to bring little dishes of sushi goodness straight to your table.

This was my first experience of sushi so I took along a sushi enthusiast to explain to me that there is so much more to Sushi than ‘raw fish’ and trust me that Tofu Katsu curry will have me back as it was seriously yummy.

It’s a refreshing experience not to have to wait 20 minutes to eat, like one is accustomed to in most restaurants, but instead to look at the little tapas style, multi coloured dishes that circulate the patron’s tables, you can match them up to the photo and explanations in the extremely informative menu quite easily.

All the food is expertly prepared by the kitchen. The kitchen itself is run by a cracking team of chefs in the centre of the restaurant, who, by my observations, work diligently and observes excellent hygiene practices and are only too happy to talk to you and explain the content of any dish that you may be unsure of and even add some history to the origins of sushi.

We came to the restaurant on a Tuesday evening, during the “September Blues” promotion, where all dishes on the belt in blue bowls are priced at £2.50 per plate. There was also an offer on 4 yellow dishes and a glass of fizz £20.

So you help yourself to plates on the belt or you can always choose from something different from the staggering choice of food on the menu or take advantage of the offer and if it’s hot food you want can buzz for a team member or just ask one of the kitchen staff.

As previously mentioned, the food comes in a variety of dishes and plates of different prices. They start from the mostly vegetarian green plates at £1.90 all the way to the special yellow plates at £6.00. One can imagine how easy it is to accumulate a bill of £20 or more, when temptation is a mere arm’s reach away. Having said that, the majority of the food is very healthy and filling, so anyone who is calorie conscious need not worry.

The whole experience was very enjoyable it was nice to see a good buzz and variety for people in the restaurant and what appeared to be a sushi making class going on at the other side of where we were sat.

Once you have finished the team member serving you tots up the total according to your colour coded dishes and you go to pay at the cash desk upon leaving.

After a long day at work the simplicity and fun of Yo! Sushi was a wonderful way to wind down after work and enjoy great food and good company.

Rating: 5/5

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