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Yes I Want It Hello Neon Effect Light Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

My ten-year-old daughter is increasingly difficult to buy for, and I know from conversations with her friends’ mums that she’s not the only one. At that awkward age where they’re too old for lots of toys, but not old enough for cosmetics or expensive gadgets. One thing that she is massively into at the moment is putting her own stamp on her things. We’ve recently moved to a new house, and for the first time she has her own bedroom so she’s doing her very best to make it a cool, more grown up space than when she had to share a room with her little sister. It has actually been a bit of a godsend this Christmas as lots of her presents have been for her bedroom so she can create her own space.

I have been looking for something a bit cool and retro, and possibly with a slightly American feel for her (she’s still young enough to think that everything from the States is automatically cool), and the Hello Neon Effect Sign from Yes I Want It seemed absolutely perfect for her, so we got it ordered and waited eagerly for delivery! I was delighted when it came to see how well packed it was, as well as the outer box, it was securely packed with bubble wrap too, keeping it super-safe in transit. The pink box reveals what’s inside, making it a perfectly unwrappable present – the recipient can get excited as soon as they tear off the paper and see the image of the sign.

The sign itself is a great size – about the size of an A3 sheet of paper, so it has a lot of impact, wherever you place it. Obviously, it’s not a real neon sign, that would be dangerous, and it uses LED and plastic tubing to create the effect. That being said, it looks incredibly authentic and realistic, just safer, cheaper to run and quieter for in a bedroom!

The sign itself is a speech bubble with the word ‘hello’ on the inside, just the kind of thing that kids regard as being very cool! It is powered via the included USB cable, and can be run either from a laptop USB or can be plugged into a mains USB adaptor. The cable is a great length at 2m, so most people wouldn’t have an issue being able to site it near enough to a plug, and we plugged ours in just above my daughter’s desk.

The back of the light is clear acrylic and has two mounting holes so installing it was a cinch – my partner just screwed a couple of screws into the wall and hung the light on it. it couldn’t have been simpler and was very secure once installed. The light doesn’t have a power switch, it just powers on when it is connected to the mains. Because of this and because I don’t want my daughter fiddling with the plug socket, we have been using the switch on the wall socket to turn it on and off.

When we powered it up, we were all so impressed with the brightness of the light and how effective it looked. The speech bubble is a fabulous, vivid magenta pink colour and the hello script inside is a bright, pure white. This combines to make something that is brilliant to look at, and is certainly very, very cool! My daughter is delighted with it and reliably informs me that it’s most definitely cool and her friends would love them too!

We think at the full price of £24.99 is a total bargain for this, but they are currently on a Christmas offer at just £12.49 via Yes I Want It. I have to say that this would make a perfect Christmas present for pre-teens or teens and my daughter wholeheartedly agrees!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £24.99

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