Love Writing Co. Handwriting Practice Traceable Christmas Cards Review

Reviewed by Joanna Woodburn

It was with great delight that I was blessed with the opportunity to review the range of Handwriting Practice Traceable Christmas Cards by the Love Writing Co. This wonderful company firmly puts the child at the heart of all it does. These special child centred Christmas cards will be warmly welcomed by parents at this busy time of the year.

As a parent and specialist literacy teacher, I am a strong advocate of the vision of this new company and cannot recommend their products highly enough. The Love Writing Co. aims to make a difference to children and help them in their learning journey by making it easier for them to learn to write and getting them to learn to love writing.

With incredible attention to detail and with product design grounded in research into how children learn best, this engaging range of Christmas cards will appeal to all children aged 3-7 years. Children will have great fun sending these cards and at the same time they will be such a very personal and special card to receive.

Little hands will be supported in their letter formation and pencil control by the traceable letters and words both inside and outside the cards. With thoughtful detail, there is a blank space left for the child’s name so children can then personally sign the card, underpinning the importance of the first key word any child should write – their name!

Thoughtfully, there is also a cheerful Christmas picture for children to colour in, making each card personal and unique. Children will be able to develop focused pencil control through these writing and colouring activities.

The Christmas cards come in handy packs of 10 and are of a chunky, square size, which are perfect for small hands. We loved the colourful, fun designs on the front of the cards.

It is also good to know the premium cedar wood used for all the pencils and books by Love Writing Co. is responsibly sourced and fully FSC certified.

The Love Writing Co. Handwriting Practice Traceable Christmas Cards are highly recommended! I truly believe writing should never be a chore! Hats off to the Love Writing Co. in helping children to send Christmas cards with enjoyment, joy and laughter!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £5.99 (pack of 10)

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