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WOW Toys RSPCA Rapid Response Rick Review

RapidResponseRickRapid Response Rick

Reviewed by Brian Grehan

There are many just causes that I would like to donate to and the sterling work that the RSPCA do is just one. Unfortunately my pay packet does not stretch as far as I would like and feel a bit guilty that I cannot contribute.

As WOW toys have brought out a series of toys that highlight the work of the RSPCA I can feel guilty no longer. Rapid Response Rick is an excellent toy that our two boys bicker over. They absolutely love it. I have to admit that it does get flung about the room a bit but these toys are tested by the manufacturer to make sure that they cannot be damaged by over enthusiastic players!

Not only is it a sturdy toy it also has an educational side to it. As the box tells the younger members of the family what the RSPCA does and how it helps with poorly or neglected animals.

Unfortunately for poor Rick he does get bashed about but he and his brightly coloured vehicle suffer little or no damage. This toy will stay with our boys as they grow older and will educate them about the fantastic work that the RSPCA do. At the moment it’s just a fun toy but as they grow older it will have a bigger impact on them and how to treat pets and animals.

Features Rick, his patrol quad bike and Ginger the Cat.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £9.99

For more information and stockists visit Available to buy from Amazon here.


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