Women’s Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd T-Shirt Review

HomeofRetroPinkFloydWomen’s Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd T-Shirt

Reviewed by Emma Lydon

I was chosen to review the Home of Retro Women’s Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd T-Shirt. I am a fan of Pink Floyd, albeit not a mega fan, but I am a lover of all things funky and different and this t-shirt certainly fits that bill. In my opinion, Home of Retro is the go-to place for all things cool. From clothing and music to gifts and furniture if you are looking for something a little different and unique this website has something for everyone.

The t-shirt itself is black with the album cover printed on the front. The quality of the t-shirt is first-rate. It is soft and comfortable, and made from 100%cotton. The size options are small, medium, large and extra-large, with the size guide advising that the small is equivalent to a UK size 10, the medium to a 12 and the large to a 14. Now I am usually a standard size 12 but I do like my t-shirts to be slightly over-sized so I opted for a large. I am glad I did, as this is very much a slim-fitting t-shirt and not designed to be a loose fit. The large fit perfectly, snug without being tight – I would suggest taking this into consideration when ordering your size.

In a busy family house with little time for luxuries like hand-washing clothes it was good to see that there are no special care instructions and can go in with your normal wash. It does wash well, didn’t lose colour or print and maintained its shape. I would always avoid ironing over the print just in case but this is standard practice with any printed t-shirt.

It is priced at £14, which I think is very reasonable for a genuine authentic design, high quality t-shirt. And given that the website offers free worldwide delivery on all items, something which you don’t see often enough in my opinion, the price won’t hike up once you checkout.

I love my Pink Floyd t-shirt, it’s casual, funky and fun. I would not only recommend this specific item, but also Home of Retro itself – take a stroll back in time and have a browse, I guarantee you’ll find something for all tastes.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £14

Available to buy from Home of Retro here.


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