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Withings Multi-sport Hybrid Smartwatch Review


Reviewed by Keith Mitchell

The watch came with a courier and was well packaged, it comes in a cardboard sleeve with a pull out hard presentation box. The cardboard sleeve has a picture of the watch on the front with some of the functions included, on the back is a little more information on the watch and what it can do, it is written in English, French and German.  The Withings branding is proudly displayed on the front of the carton, there is a fairly strong magnetic clasp to keep the contents safe and secure. There is also a little rope on the top to pull from the box. It really is nicely packaged, which you would expect from such a luxury and expensive bit of kit.

Inside the box was a small instruction book with the basic start up guide and warranty information, a charging dock (USB connectivity) and the watch itself sat on a little padded cushion.

Upon taking the watch out of the box you can immediately feel it is well made, the wrist band is strong and big enough for a large mans wrist (although possibly too long for a small ladies wrist) and also stretchy so you feel the watch is nice and secure when wearing it, it’s incredibly comfortable even with arthritis and pain in the wrists.

Now to the part where we struggled, to start with I didn’t even know how to charge it, until it lit up and I realised I was doing it correctly, next up setting the time, now this one is harder as the “winder” (actually just a button) doesn’t do what a regular watch would do.  I didn’t realise that the whole functionality of the watch requires the use of an app, the app can be installed on Android and Apple and can be found in the respective app stores. The app is easy to find and download.

The app is fairly easy to use and just a series of filling in the forms and connecting as you go including setting up an account to keep track of your activities. The watch connects via bluetooth and there is a walkthrough guide on the app should you need any further assistance with using the watch. Once on the app you can calibrate the the watch and set the time, glad we worked that one out!

The watch itself only has one button so you cant go far wrong, this button works by using short and long presses to navigate and select items in the menu. Within the watch face there is a small screen that shows the information regarding date, heart rate, exercise, calories burnt, notifications etc, there is a small bottom dial this goes up to 100% and follows your exercise target. The main face is still an analogue clock face as you would expect.

The app has lots of different information and functions it will show your main timeline displaying daily activity, what you have been doing and the length of time you have been doing it and the number of calories burnt. The dashboard shows the number of steps taken, sleep data, weight (you enter this on start up and can update), and average heart rate. The next menu is programmes you can select from the available ones based on what you need to work on. Next is devices this shows you the information about the watch, here you can set notification preferences, customise workouts (choose which 5 to display for easy access on the watch), customise the screens (select what to show, heart rate, steps, distance etc), set the time, set an alarm (the alarm vibrates to alert you) and visit the help centre. You can also install another device if you have multiples and can add other family members too so you can track all information in one place. Profile is the last menu option on here you can see your profile information and edit it if needed. Your health report is here can be also be shared as a PDF copy should you want to.

Your achievements are stored here, so you will get badges to track your steps and daily activities. Your goals are also here so you can set and manage your target for number of daily steps. The next is reminders here you can set a whole host of different reminders from getting a nudge to drink more water or eat more fruit, to taking your ecg at the same time each day or week, you can set activity reminders to get you to go for a run or challenge friends. You can set the days and times of these reminders so you can have them every day or once or twice a week. The reminders come up on the device itself and not on the watch so you do need to have your phone or tablet with you to get the benefit of this. You can also add family members on the bottom of this menu. On the top right of the screen you can go into settings and change your details, go into advanced settings, get more support or see their legal information, you can also log out should you want to from this menu.

Having been for an initial short walk, the step count and distance walked seem to be recording well and fairly accurately.

My conclusions are after 4 days of wearing this watch, night and day, even an older non techno person, such as myself, can manage to navigate through the watch functions and also use the app to check progress/heart rate and the other recorded data without too much trouble. I am impressed by the simple, comfortable, stylish looking watch and I found the data useful. I tried several settings of activity so I believe that an active sports person would absolutely love this watch.

I would rate this a definite 5 star item and good value.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £189.95

This product can be purchased from the Withings website here.

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