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Viners Assure 4 Piece Knife Set Review


Reviewed by Cath Joyce

Viners were established in Sheffield in 1908 and were issued with a royal warrant in 1930 as cutlers and silversmiths to King George V. The company has grown over the years and is probably one of the most recognisable brands for kitchen knives, with a great reputation for good quality products.

My family are all keen cooks and know the value of a good knife. Some knives just don’t cut very well, making a simple job in the kitchen a chore and they can also be uncomfortable to use. My pet hate is knives that don’t cut meat cleanly, meaning you almost have to saw through the meat, making a simple task quite hard work.

Let’s face it we’ve all got a couple of knives in our drawer that we avoid using because they are just so bad, they only come out as a last resort when all the others are dirty. Each time I use them I think I really must get rid of them, but they end up getting washed and put back in the drawer and the circle starts again! When I was asked to review the Viners Assure 4 piece knife set I decided that it was finally time to get rid of the bad knives and have donated them to our Scout group whose knives were even worse than mine!

With over 100 years of heritage Viners has designed a new and innovative knife blade with safety at the forefront. Rather than the traditional pointed end, these new knives have a squared tip which has been designed to maximise safe use in and around the home, without compromising on performance. As well as being stylish the knives are still highly functional with food preparation and carving. The knives feature curved soft touch handles for optimum comfort, and the blades are finished with a black non-stick coating which helps reduce cutting friction. I have always encouraged my children to help in the kitchen and taught them how to use knives safely and think the squared tip is an excellent safety feature when using knives with children.

The four knives I received were a Utility knife, Chef knife, Santoku knife and a carving knife.

The Utility knife has a 12.5cm blade and is a very versatile knife, I have mainly been using it for vegetables and slicing cheese. It is comfortable to hold and easily slices through carrots and swede.

The Chef knife has a 20cm blade and is a multi purpose knife designed to perform well on a variety of kitchen tasks. I have used it for slicing cooked meat, chopping vegetables, dicing and cutting raw meat and I also found the wider blade is good for crushing cloves of garlic.

The carving knife has a 20cm blade and slices through bread and buns perfectly without ripping them to pieces. This knife has been getting plenty of use as we have been doing lots of baking and it is perfect for slicing cakes in half before adding a filling. It slices cleanly through the cake without tearing it, leaving less crumbs for me to tidy up!

The Santoku knife has a 20cm blade and the only knife that I wasn’t sure of it’s main use. The name sounded Japanese and a quick look on google told me that it is a general purpose kitchen knife that did originate in Japan. It can be used on meat, fish and vegetables and is perfect for chopping, slicing and dicing.

The knives were all really comfortable to hold and needed very little pressure to give nice clean cuts on both meat and vegetables. I was really impressed with the knives and at £15.99 think they are excellent value for money.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £15.99

This product can be purchased from the Viners website here.

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