Wild Pharmacy Carpe Antioxidant Hydration Moisturiser Review


Reviewed by Jo Hardy

As a self confessed beauty product addict who especially likes trying new products I was delighted to be asked to review this product.  The moisturiser came in a 30 ml pump action dispenser. I love a pump dispenser It is the most hygienic way of dispensing skin care with no risk of contamination, much better than having to dip your fingers into a pot plus you get the correct amount dispensed each time.  30 ml is quite a small size.  Using twice a day I don’t think it will last very long, but on the plus side it is a perfect travel size.  The texture of the cream is a bit heavier than I am used to.  It did not sink in immediately but only took a little bit of extra rubbing before it was completely absorbed.  I was really happy that it didn’t feel at all heavy or greasy on my skin, in fact it left a lovely matt finish which was the perfect base for applying my makeup.  It is as good as any primer I have used.  I especially like the matt finish in the hotter weather when my face can look very shiny.  The product is completely odour less and suitable for all skin types.  I do occasionally get redness on my cheeks and nose, but didn’t notice any of this while using this product.  It felt very calming to my skin.

Manufactured in Finland and cruelty free, Wild pharmacy products are very in tune with nature using wild plants and 100% natural organic ingredients, all handmade in small batches.  The products have been built around the lives of young people and developed with young people aged 11 – 25.  They would make the perfect gift for a young adult as a way of introducing them to quality products for their skin.  As a young teenager I can still remember my mother taking me to our local department store and buying me a set of good quality skin care items.  The appreciation of good products has stayed with me ever since and I think my skin is in pretty good condition because of this . The skin is the largest organ on the body so should be taken care of.   I am well above the age of their target customer but they are suitable for everyone whatever age or gender and I felt very comfortable using them.

There are six products in the range.  As well as the moisturiser I tested there is a face mask, peeling gel, toner,cleanser and serum.  The name of each product has a deeper meaning. “Carpe” is from the phrase “Carpe Diem” meaning seize the day.

The company encourages self confidence with little messages on each bottle and also support campaigns on anti – bullying of young people, cyber bullying, the mental wellness and health of the “generation Z “ which are people born between 1997 and 2015.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: The moisturiser that I tested is £23.09

The full range of Wild Pharmacy products are available from here.

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