Why Does Santa Ride Around in a Sleigh by Kay Woodward Review

Reviewed by Helen Clarry

‘Why Does Santa Ride Around in a Sleigh? …and other Christmas Questions’ by Kay Woodward is a lovely little festive read. It explains in a very child-friendly way the reasons behind many Christmas traditions such as why Santa wears red and white, why we have Christmas trees, and what the Nativity is. I read it with my 4 year old who constantly asks ‘why’ so was able to provide many answers to his questions-a good one being about why there are so many Santa’s and Grottos in shopping centres! I also read it with my 11 year old who may not still ‘believe’ in certain Christmas traditions, but by learning about others will hopefully help keep the specialness of the festive season alive.

The recipes and craft makes in the book will also be fun to do with both of them. I also learned a few things and helped better understand origins of traditions-especially ones that have originated from different countries or cultures. Maybe I’ll be better at Christmas quizzes now!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £4.99

Suitable for: Age 5-8 years

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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