Why an Apartment’s a Great Choice for ‘Happening’ People – And That Includes You!

When you’re looking for a new home, it can be quite stressful can’t it? 

Let’s be honest..

There’s so much to think about – will it be near enough work, friends or all the places you like visiting – to begin with?  

It’s one thing to daydream about life somewhere remote, perhaps, but would you be able to access cultural activities? Or maybe, if  you love the idea of inner city living – could you escape and explore the outdoors easily, close by?.

Then there’s the choice of property – house, apartment, conversion, new build – it can be a real issue to weigh up the options.

We understand…

Why an apartment’s a great choice

But we think an apartment is a perfect choice for most ‘happening’ people – for lots of different reasons. First of all, there are many practical considerations, which include:


Apartments are generally a really cost effective choice – you can get a lot of floor space for your money! And, if you want to live where all the action is, they’re a fabulous choice – whether you’re a first time buyer or downsizing.

If you locate yourself centrally it also gets rid of the need for expensive taxi fares – perhaps after nights out at the theatre – or eating out.

Save on bills

And you’ll save on your bills and other outgoings too, because apartment living can be much cheaper in that respect. Heating and cooling usually prove to be more cost effective – compared to a whole house, for example. 

And apartments can also be quite a sustainable option – because they retain heat from the others around them. The newer your building, the more energy efficient it’s likely to be too – which is good both for you and the environment.

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Low maintenance

If you have a problem in an apartment, there’s usually a property manager around to help you – which is handy. Communal gardens are also not your responsibility, in most blocks – so you have more time for yourself at the weekend.


Let’s face it, you’re probably someone who likes to get out and about – perhaps book a spontaneous few nights away, etc. 

But owning a house can be a bit of a liability if you like to live your life in this way – security is always a worry, isn’t it? Did you set all the timer lights, tell the neighbours you were away – will it be noticeable that someone’s not there?

The list goes on…

If you live in an apartment, you have more freedom – as you’ll often have excellent security measures in place. Buzzers to access the block, gates, multiple doors anyone would have to get through to access your property. There’s even a concierge in some developments – and, of course, it’s less obvious that you’re not home.

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We mentioned before that you’re probably the kind of person who loves to be at the centre of the action – and be really active. Well, many apartment blocks have facilities on site – a cafe, swimming pool or gym, for example. So you can get involved in activities right on your doorstep – without the need for travel or parking. And, of course, you don’t have to drive home in your gym outfit – which is brilliant…


Apartment developments offer a real sense of community – and are far less isolating than an individual home. There are communal facilities, as we said, and people just can’t help bumping into each other more regularly. Some developments are built up of whole complexes of streets, bars and shops even – gated communities, for example. And this way of living helps to build a real sense of shared purpose and community over time.

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As we discussed previously, if you want to be at the centre of things, apartment living really is ideal. You get to live in some fantastic locations – right in the heart of the city, overlooking a canal, maybe – or the sea. In these types of areas, buying a house isn’t always feasible – so you get to experience a more unique side of life.

A great investment

And apartments are a great, solid investment opportunity – just check out executive condo resale opportunities to see how well they hold value.

You’re part of our heritage

Another thing to consider is how apartment living enables you to become a living part of our heritage. That might sound odd – but, when you consider the number of historic buildings that are converted in this way – it makes sense.

Many apartments are housed in old renovated mills, hospitals, warehouses, etc – and those buildings are part of our history. By choosing to live in them, you keep that little piece of heritage alive and well too – which is fabulous.

So what other great reasons are there for living in an apartment –  if you’re an individual, ‘happening’ kind of person?

They’re easily customisable

You can make your mark easily, when you move into an apartment – the way space is set out really lends itself to it. Large rooms and open plan living allows for individual touches – which create a big impact with minimum effort.

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Just investing in a few large pictures, or fun, quirky pieces can create a whole mood easily – and at little expense.

It’s easier to source those interesting pieces

Because of the locations of so many apartments, it’s easier to get out and find interesting pieces. Many might be near great second hand markets, for example – that are full to bursting with retro chic items. Or you might be close to the coast, perhaps – where you can source all kinds of fun nauticalia.

You’re surrounded by other interesting people

Our neighbours really matter to us – don’t they? And no-one wants to be stuck somewhere we feel isolated. When you choose an apartment in a happening area, you’re surrounded by exciting sights – and interesting people.

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So you can strike up good conversations in the street, or socialise in bars and cafes with like minded individuals. And, in essence, you become part of a tribe – with people you have lots in common with. Which Is important…

We hope you’ve found these few pointers helpful if you’re currently house-hunting – and feeling a little dazed and confused. Apartment living has so much to offer if you’re a happening person – so why not get out there and start searching now!

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