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Quirky Homes – Make Your Home Stand Out

Most of us like to think we are a bit ‘different’, that we aren’t run of the mill or boring. We try to show our individuality with our clothes, our hair and makeup, and most of all, with our homes. But let’s face it, lots of homes these days are pretty similar. Be it because modern estates contain rows of identikit houses, or you have furnished your otherwise individual house with the same Swedish flatpack furniture as the rest of us have, there is a lot of samey-ness with a lot of our homes.

That’s where the little finishing touches can really set your home apart from the rest. The unusual accessories and the quirky designs can really make your home stand out, give your lounge a bit more character or even make your bathroom into a talking point with guests.

What’s Good To Do have been trying out a range of home accessories that are just that little bit different to provide a little bit of inspiration to individualise your home. We will review items from lamps to bedding and kitchen storage to toilet paper storage – some you might love, some you might grow to love and some just won’t be for you but one thing they will be is individual!

So take advantage of the longer days, refresh your home and fall back in love with it again. It only takes small touches to make a big difference to a room and the quirkier the item, the bigger the difference it can make.

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