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Household Gadgets that ACTUALLY Make Life Easier

When you lead a hugely busy life, possibly juggling running a home with work, the school run, getting the kids to numerous clubs, fitting in the shopping and other commitments, it’s no great surprise that we find ourselves looking for shortcuts to make some of these tasks easier!

We are constantly bombarded with adverts, advertorials and social media posts promising a new gadget or gizmo that will revolutionise the way you do something, save vast amounts of time or even give you the ability to do something that you couldn’t do before (I have more cake decorating nozzles than I can shake a stick at, and still can’t make cupcake flowers, in spite of spending ages watching instructional social media videos!).

So, which of these gadgets actually make a difference? Is adding yet another cooking device to your already bulging kitchen a good idea? Is a little vacuum cleaner for cleaning crumbs after dinner a life changer, and is it even possible to install a fully functioning house alarm in under an hour? How can make sure you can still get into the house if you’ve lost your keys? We have even been connecting lightbulbs and meat thermometers to our home Wi-Fi network!

At What’s Good To Do, we have been trying out lots of gadgets and gizmos, some of which we didn’t even know existed before we started out! Who would even have thought that avocados were such a specialised fruit that they needed their own preparation tool, anyway?

Read our Household Gadget reviews and see if any of them could make the difference for you!

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Keep checking back here as we will be adding more reviews all the time.

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