Why a River Cruise Should Be Your Next Travel Adventure

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If you’re looking for an exciting way to hop from one destination to the next, why not consider a river cruise? Spending time out on the water is incredibly relaxing. And it means you get to see lots of places on one trip without the hassle of waiting around in airports, boarding trains or boring coach journeys. You really get the best of both worlds! Here are just a few of the reasons a river cruise should be your next travel adventure.

Why a River Cruise?

In times gone by, rivers were vital for transportation, food, and power. Meaning that many of the greatest towns and cities in the world have been developed right around them. This means it’s now an excellent way to get around, often arriving right in the heart of the action. The slow pace of a river cruise is perfect for relaxing and taking in the scenery. There are no crowded buses, getting stuck in traffic or the general chaos of the roads to contend with.

Where Can I Go On a River Cruise?

River cruises run along rivers all over the world. But Europe especially has some excellent rivers worth exploring. The Danube which runs across ten European countries, for example, is the second largest in the Europe, after the Volga in Russia. Others include The Main, Rhine, Seine, Elbe and Rhone, Saone and Moselle. Imagine Cruising offer a range of European river adventures so you could go with a company like this.If you’re looking to experience a river cruise somewhere else in the world, some epic tours to consider would be the great Amazon river, the Nile and the Yangtze River in China. You could also consider the Mekong River which runs through Vietnam and Cambodia. All of these will, of course, give you very different experiences, so have a think about the kind of trip you’re after and book based on that.

Isn’t It Just Like Barging?

A river cruise is much more luxurious than travelling on a barge boat. Of course, the amenities will vary depending on the company and the destination. But river cruise ships are much larger and will usually have a lounge, bar, restaurant and sky deck. On some river cruise ships, you’ll also have a dipping pool on the top deck. You certainly won’t just be roughing it out on a boat. Instead it will come with everything you’d want from a holiday break. Fitness equipment, a pampering salon, saunas and good food and drink. Do your research when you book to find out exactly what the river cruise ship you’re going with offers.

Photo Source: Pexels

So if you thought cruising was just for the ocean, think again! A river cruise is an exciting way to spend a week or two. You’ll get to see loads of different places without the hassle and get plenty of sightseeing and photo opportunities. It is a great alternative to spending time lying on a beach!

Have you ever heard of river cruises? Is this something you would consider?

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