What I love about blogging


Written by Debbie Talbot

A friend and I co-founded What’s Good to Do a few years ago and I never imagined that it would be where it is now. We bought ‘whatsgoodtodo.com’ domain name, which we thought was really good and encapsulated what we wanted to do, then approached a well-known attraction to see if they would allow a review visit. They said yes, and that was just the start of an exciting adventure. A few years on, we have thousands of reviews on our website and several website sponsors. We pride ourselves on our reputation and deal with many clients over and over.

So, what was my personal motivation behind starting What’s Good to Do? As a mum of one young child, we did not have much money spare for treats and days out. My mum would treat us. I wanted a way to give opportunities to my daughter which I couldn’t afford. The blog was a way to support my family. Running it with David has always been such a lovely experience. Our skills compliment one another. I love the business development side of things whereas David is the techie one.

If you had have told me back then that the website would have reached 21,000 unique visits per month, I wouldn’t have believed you. Highlights for me have been a review of Disneyland Paris, attending Christmas in July press days for some of the major supermarkets and a recent press trip away for a friend’s birthday. In a couple of weekends time, a friend and I will be experiencing a City Cruises lunch cruise on the Thames. I could not have afforded any of these experiences on my low income. I love seeing my children’s’ faces light up when they receive a review toy. Giant Connect Four and a Little Tykes playhouse are two of the toys we have been lucky enough to review.

The best part has been being able to open up the opportunities we had to our families and friends. Our reviewer team has grown mainly through word of mouth. We have parents/sisters/brothers etc. of reviewers in our team now. Blogging takes a lot of consistent effort, but the rewards are immense.

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