What do the grown-ups do? Sean the Actor by Mairi McLellan Review

Reviewed by Sarah Keeley

Sean the Actor is the third instalment in the What do the grown-ups do? series by Mairi McLellan, all set in a small Scottish community, that aim to gently assist children aged 5 to 10 to consider ‘what the grown us do’.

This is very much a factual book, with a serious intention of explaining the role of an actor and roles within a film production crew. Photographs of the beautiful rural location punctuate a ‘story’ where three sisters hear about a film being made in the town, and go down to interview Sean McGuire (of Easterners fame in 90s).

Gone are the days when ‘wood cutter’ or ‘baker’, or any of the other professions that fill our children’s story books were realistic career choices that children could associate with the adults in their life. ‘What do the grown-ups do’ should be commended for taking a more up –to-date look at the world of work.

I can imagine this book being very useful in a school or educational setting. Sadly, it did not function for my 6 year old daughter, who looks for the wonder of a picture book full of artwork, playful lyrics or adventure. I will try again when she is older.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £10

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4 Star

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