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BerryBakeBerry Bake
225 Piece Jigsaw


Reviewed by Lynn Short

This lovely jigsaw arrived in a sturdy box with a clear picture of the puzzle on the lid. It is described as “A finely cut wooden jigsaw featuring unique Wentworth “whimsy” pieces”.  I wasn’t quite sure what that meant but I soon found out!

On opening the box I was delighted to see that the pieces were contained in a lovely fabric draw string bag which would mean that they could be safely packed away again and again. I hate the cellophane packets which tear and the pieces drop out with one piece inevitably getting lost. Also included in the box was the recipe to make the actual cake!

I normally start a jigsaw, as do most people I think, by constructing the outside edge. However this is not that type of puzzle. The jigsaw is the actual shape of a three section filled sponge with a beautiful arrangement of mixed fruits on top and placed on a pedestal cake stand. I could immediately see that not all the pieces were interlocking and that the “whimsy” pieces were actually shapes of items used when cooking and included 2 saucepans – one with a lid, a food mixer, blender, spatula, slice, scales, spoon, oven glove, jug, rolling pin and strawberry shapes. Some pieces in the middle actually had straight edges and it seemed that no two pieces were the same shape.

I decided to start with the fruit topping – raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries – as I thought that would be the easiest. I managed a few pieces but then changed strategy and did the cake stand, which was much easier. I went back to the fruit after that and finally the sponge cake itself with its filling of cream and pieces of strawberry.

It was great fun trying to guess where the “whimsy” pieces were going to fit in, and I realised that I was looking for the correct shapes rather than the more usual method of looking for the colour matches combined with the “tabs” and “slots” on the pieces themselves.

This is not a large jigsaw, approximately 360mm x 250mm, and only has 225 pieces; it took me 2 sessions totalling 3½ hours to complete. I did not let anyone else help, but there is now a queue of friends and family each wanting a turn at doing it. However this is not a puzzle for children.

This is a high quality wooden product, made in the UK. The wood used is from forests managed on a sustainable yield basis and the box is made from recycled materials, which are important points as far as I am concerned personally. I will be looking in the shops for more of these Wentworth Wooden Puzzles and they will definitely be on my Christmas list.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £27.95

Available to buy from Wentworth Wooden Puzzles here.


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