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Wasgij Destiny 20 – The Toy Shop Jigsaw Review

Reviewed by David Savage

In a world packed with technology, a lot of our entertainment involves using a screen of some sort, so it’s good to get back to old fashioned pastimes. When I was growing up, we played lots of board games and did a lot of jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaws were challenging and passed a lot of time; some of them could weeks to complete. As technology has advanced, a lot of the toys and games I played as a child haven’t advanced to the 21st century, but strangely enough, jigsaws are still going strong and have also evolved. Whilst a majority of jigsaws are still the type I remember: a picture printed on cardboard and mostly square or rectangular, you can also get more unusual ones. There are plenty of 3D jigsaws around that use plastic pieces and build the jigsaws up instead of flat on the table, but for people that prefer a flat 2D jigsaw, there are some that have a quirk that make them the same but different.

Wasgij (jigsaw backwards, and a very apt name for what these jigsaws do) have created a range of 2D jigsaws with a twist – the image on the box is not the same as the completed jigsaw. To complete it you have to use your imagination and piece together a puzzle in more ways than one, to reflect an updated version (this means that the completed image doesn’t match the image on the box).

There are six different concepts (only four are currently in production, although the other two may make a return) of the Wasgij (pronounced ‘Woz-gidge’) jigsaw, with over 50 jigsaws in the range. We received a jigsaw from the Destiny range, which asks the puzzler to travel through time. The idea of Destiny is to complete the puzzle by using your imagination and piecing it together and working out what the scene and characters would be like in the modern day – basically you have to look into the future of the printed image to complete the new image. This makes the whole challenge of piecing together the jigsaw so much harder, much more challenging and strangely much more fun even if slightly frustrating at times.

We received the 1000 piece Destiny 20 – The Toy Shop jigsaw from Jumbo Games. This features a scene of a very busy and chaotic toy shop. The image is very colourful, amusing and very very busy. Without the aid of a few hints, the puzzle is incredibly challenging. Even with the hints, the journey to complete the puzzle is a long one. It sounds like a fabulous concept.

As I said, the image completed jigsaw will not resemble the image on the box and our toy shop completely changed as the image jumped quite a bit into the future with the staff ageing, toys updated but the scene remaining just as busy and chaotic.

We have absolutely loved doing this jigsaw. The concept is excellent and definitely adds a difficult challenge to piecing it together as you have to visualise how the original image would have changed years into the future. The finished size is approx. 68x49cm.

The pieces are quality, recycled card and feel quite solid and durable. The printing is vibrant and colourful and the imagery is very well drawn.

For anyone that likes jigsaws, puzzles or a challenging brain work-out I can highly recommend the Wasgij puzzles. This is the first I have completed, but it definitely won’t be the last. At around £12.99 for a 1000 piece puzzles it is definitely value for money, the entertainment value is excellent and the challenge is perfect. This would have to be a perfect Christmas gift for any jigsaw or puzzle lover this year.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12.99

For more information visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

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