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Be My Baby Doll and Accessories Review

Reviewed by Kathryn Carr

After two babies, I thought I was done. And then, out popped a third. Admittedly, the third popped out of cardboard box and is now the responsibility of my two-year-old daughter. No night feeds required.

My youngest has always enjoyed playing with dolls and I wish I’d spotted the ‘Be My Baby’ Soft Doll sooner. This doll from The Entertainer is perfect for little ones, it is in fact promoted as being suitable for newborns up. It’s cute and cuddly and ours is now a fully-fledged member of the family. She’s called Barbara. 

Several Christmases ago, I bought my eldest, one of those dolls that you can feed and give a bottle to, resulting in it weeing on its potty (or your floor). The novelty of this creation wore off within days and given my time over, I wouldn’t spend half as much money on my daughter’s mini-me. Daughter number two is getting just as much enjoyment, if not more, from the pretty adorable ‘Be My Baby’, which is equally attractive in price. The RRP is £15 but it can often be found on The Entertainer’s website at half-price.

Despite the doll being soft, it can sit up all by itself. Barbara is quite often posed as a member of the audience whilst my daughters perform in their latest self-directed dance show.

Barbara wears a pink outfit with a matching pink hat. There’s a blue version available too; let’s call him Billy. Barbara and Billy are 25cm tall and as well as being perfect audience members, are plenty soft enough to be the best bedtime buddies.

My daughter also has the ‘Be My Baby 20 Piece Baby Accessories Set’. The packaging recommends this for children aged 3-10. Considering the matching doll is aimed at children of all ages, this could put some off but there’s no reason why the two can’t be bought and played with independently. My daughters aged 2 and 4 love the Accessories Set and I’m happy for my youngest to play with all the bits and pieces that allow her to really take care of Baby Barbara.

With an RRP of £12 (but again often available at half price), the 20 piece set is excellent value for money, reduced price or not. Barbara can sit on the potty, take a dummy and wear a bib. My girls can feed her her bottle, spoon imaginary yoghurt from Barbara’s bowl and make sure she’s all clean and comfortable with a range of bathtime accessories. 

Whilst many of the activities Barbara gets involved in (courtesy of my girls) are more role-play than reality, (in comparison to harder, plastic dolls that can do actual bathtime and eat ‘food’), her being made of soft material certainly doesn’t deflect from my girls’ enjoyment. I love watching them use their imagination as they prepare Barbara for a party or offer her a sippy cup when she’s crying of thirst! 

The Be My Baby Doll and Accessories Set make for a fantastic Christmas present, either independently or as a package. They’re really reasonably priced and ours have endured being tripped over, spilt on, sat on… and they’re still in excellent shape! The Be My Baby items are destined to be favourites on Christmas Morning and beyond. 

Rating: 4.5/5

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