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VTech InnoTab
The Learning App Tablet


Reviewed by Brian Grehan

When it comes to technology the younger members of the family tend to be forgotten. The InnoTab from VTech is a brilliant device specifically aimed 4 to 9 year olds. As with all things from VTech the InnoTab is highly educational and very easy to use.

There is so much for kids to do with the InnoTab. It is a truly remarkable multi-media tablet that is educational and fun to use. There are fun games to play, eBooks to read, music to listen to videos to watch and they even make and create pictures. VTech's reputation as a leader in educational tools for younger children is definitely enhanced by the InnoTab.

The first enjoyable tool we used was the eReader. This is both great fun and very educational. The books are very interactive and easy to navigate. The Innotab can be used by kids and parents in fact some children might find it difficult to get the InnoTab back off their mums and dads!

The games app is again very easy to use and brilliantly interactive and educational. The games we tried were straightforward and logical and helped develop reading spelling and numeracy skills. They had different levels of difficulty which both caters for the younger age groups and also develops the logic children use as the difficulty increases.

Other excellent apps on the tab are Art Studio and Colour & Pop. They are brilliant for creativity and very easy to use.  The only thing that limits Art Studio is a child's imagination. Colour and Pop is an app that our child was howling with laughter as she coloured pictures in trying to make pictures as silly as possible. I kept telling her that grass really is not pink! This only encouraged her to try even more outrageous colours for different things!

What’s even more fantastic about the InnoTab is that parents can download even more apps and games from their computers. This can be done using a USB cable. The 5" LCD touch screen is excellent.

This is a great fun learning and leisure tool for kids and represents excellent value for money. Every child should have one. Highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5

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