Comanche Moon Review


Comanche Moon
The 2nd Chapter in the Lonesome Dove Saga

Reviewed by David Savage

Starring: Val Kilmer, Steve Zahn, Karl Urban
Certification: 12
Running Time: 360 minutes (approx.)
Number of Discs: 2
Number of Episodes: 3
Format: DVD
Release Date: 6 August

There has been a war with the Comanche Indians since the early 1800s. In 1958 the Texas Rangers formed as a volunteer group to contain the Comanche Indians and catch horse thieves. Inish Scull (Val Kilmer) is the Captain of the Texas Rangers and is in pursuit of three outlaws, expert horse thief Kicking Wolf (supposed to be the best horse thief in the world), Comanche Chief Buffalo Hump and a Mexican bandit named Ahumado.

Kicking Wolf steals the Captain’s war horse and Scull sets off on foot with Famous Shoes to track his horse, he wants it back. He promotes 2 of his deputies, McCrae (Steve Zahn) and Call (Karl Urban), as co-captains and orders them home. While tracking his horse Scull is captured by Ahumado and held for ransom.

On returning to town McCrae and Call are ordered to take some more men and go back out to find Scull and bring him home. Meanwhile Buffalo Hump joins forces with 2 other bands of Indians to go on raids all the way to the ocean to wipe out all Texans before their way of life is ruined.

Overall, this is a very well told story. It is a very gripping Western full of drama and the Native American Indians have some great names. The only small downside was Val Kilmer seemed to be overplaying his part but it didn’t distract from the story. Although it has a film classification of 12 I would say it should be 15 with the scenes of violence and scalping.

Rating: 4/5

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